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  1. Frqa


    i am reformed duckeyz hater
  2. Frqa


    @PizzaDelivery been waiting on my delivery for about 3 months now mate the pizza probably gone cold.
  3. Frqa

    Free my boy!

    Free @pikachuisop123 let him spam post another thread to have 25 messages and then apply for staff.
  4. Frqa

    A bunch of suggestions I have.

    I have quite a few suggestions I want to share let me know your opinions on these. 1). There is warp music warp shop and a bunch of other warps to either pvp or use as home bases outside of it. A good warp would be a /warp parkour. This would be a staged system quite similar to the parkour event...
  5. Frqa

    Joris Bohnson

    Whos is better?
  6. Frqa


    lemme duel without losing sets pls and thank you <3
  7. Frqa


    anyone else moan when they wipe their ass
  8. Frqa


    I need to know the question who is going to manage things within the forums now as most of the admins have stepped down and quit. I have had a application up for 1 and a half month now and I don't think it will be seen for the future of this game. With new people being promoted and new...
  9. Frqa

    pls and thank you

    Unban my boi alexander he did nothin his cat got on his keyboard and put his fat paw on the f6 turned on a autoclicker and pointed his mouse at spiders. He has since got rid of the cat and replaced the f6 on his keyboard so he can no longer get banned on his favourite minecraft server
  10. Frqa


    Pls fix your game I wanna spend some money get god rank and play the game, there's only so much CS:GO surf a man can do.
  11. Frqa

    Day 3

    3 days into the temp shutdown like if very sad.
  12. Frqa


    Duping is becoming a big problem for treasurewars, It has caused a server shutdown and multiple resets and reboots. There needs to be a change to make sure there is no duping otherwise it wont get better.
  13. Frqa

    delayed xd

    reforged has been out for a month and half why isnt there any posts on the forum haha you gotta update your things cause theres gonna be bandit soon
  14. Frqa

    goodbye pirate soon!

    bandit gonna be lit
  15. Frqa

    Heroic crate buff?

    I’ve opened 10 heroic crates from necromancer and haven’t got something worth spending time killing it.