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  1. Oreopros

    My Inquiries

    Let me just start off by saying that this is not meant to be a hate thread. It is not meant to be an "exposing" thread. It is not meant to be a thread throwing shade at people. It is not meant to be a disrespectful thread. I know how much goes on behind the scenes and I know because I am no...
  2. Oreopros

    Forgotten God Rank Gem Giveaway!!!! <3

    Hola peeps, So recently Consolidation did a dp of all his items on forgotten, and one of those items happened to be a god rank gem. By some miracle I was the one that ended up getting it. Instead of doing a dp in game I figured I'd do a forums giveaway so I could give it to someone that...
  3. Oreopros

    The Time Has Come (Resigning )

    Hola peeps, So as most of you know this time has been coming for a while but it's finally time for me to resign. I wish I didn't have to go but as some of you know I will be leaving to Germany in 1 month and I won't be home for another 10 months. In the upcoming month, I will have to prepare...
  4. Oreopros

    Admin Items

    What admin items would you like to see on your realm? Comment some admin item ideas that you want to see and your realm and I'll try to do them on there. Please keep it appropriate, <3
  5. Oreopros

    Faction War Submission Post

    Please ONLY post applications here!!! If you believe your faction has what it takes to conquer the ancient vault post your application here. Only ONE faction from each realm will be chosen. Applications are due the the 20th of November. Each faction must have at MOST 5 people entered...
  6. Oreopros


    GUESS WHO COULDN'T STAY AWAY <3 :rolleyes:
  7. Oreopros


    So the time has come for me to leave treasure wars. After over a year of staffing I’m gonna have to say bye to ya’ll. Lately I haven’t been able to be as active due to a surplus of things I’ve had to do in real life and I feel bad I’m not able to do as much. Next year I will be hopefully...
  8. Oreopros


    I'VE BEEN STAFF FOR A YEAR!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!! I gots staff October 2nd 2015 ezzzzzz pzzzzzzz. I just wanted to make a thread giving some shout outs to peeps that are freaking fantabulous! I know I'm missing a lot of people off this list but all these people below helped me get here and I...
  9. Oreopros


    ILLUMINATI Staff, staff starts with an S so does the word so. The word so has 2 letters in it. Wanna know who's name has 2 in it? @GamerGirl28. Gamergirl is a gamergril and you roast stuff on grills. @CannedHam and @DanSlaughter always try to roast people. @CannedHam tries to roast and you...
  10. Oreopros

    Rule Changes

    Hey guys! So recently there have been a few rule changes so here's a mini update post on what has been happening with the rules. I am also going to include a few older rules that get mixed up a lot just to clarify them. If you guys have any other questions on the rules feel free to ask. <3...
  11. Oreopros

    Name Challenge

    Soooooo I've been thinking about changing my name for a bit and I figured what better way to decide what name then to let you guys choose. So basically comment a name idea and if you like the name that someone else posted just reply to it with ^. The name with the most ^'s will be the name that...
  12. Oreopros

    Jif or Gif?

    Okay this may start a lot of debates but how do you guys pronounce it gif or jif?
  13. Oreopros


    Who can meme the best?
  14. Oreopros


    I have had a lot of questions about reset so here's a list of what you keep and don't. Other information about reset will also be included. (This is not confirmed, but is for the most part accurate) What You Keep Classes Ranks What You Will Loose Money Items In Chests Items In Your Inventory...