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  1. NicholasVapes

    Developer Rule

    What ever bro no point in arguing at this point considering it does make sense to some and others like you I guess can't.
  2. NicholasVapes

    Developer Rule

    Then read because it makes a lot of sense if you take the time to comprehend then you may understand it, its not hard to.
  3. NicholasVapes

    Developer Rule

    Well that may be because you have not ever been staff on a server to understand what I am saying exactly.
  4. NicholasVapes

    TreasureWars Skyblock?

    -1 Maybe down the line but the server has been factions since the beginning and really hasn't ever been fully bug free in a long time might as well work on that before bringing out a whole new game mode that would just cause more issues.
  5. NicholasVapes

    The Golden Knife (and why it should be removed)

    -1 I say keep it but I understand what you mean that everyone seems to have one but that could be because of dupe glitches that are currently on the server also could be because of the small player base of treasure wars currently that it is just so easy to go wz and kill the rift and get keys...
  6. NicholasVapes


    +1 Flame Elemental should be removed as most people have Arsonist on their set anyway so they really won't do anything and just cause entity lag.
  7. NicholasVapes

    Developer Rule

    +0.5 I agree it may seem dumb or unfair and strange for devs not to be able to talk to players as the server is on the dead side and players would like to get straight to the source of the issue or talk to the people who make the server what it is. But they did make it for a reason because I...
  8. NicholasVapes

    Another Global Unban?

    +0.5 I agree with this idea but I don't at the same time as some cheaters will come back. But at the same time some of the bans that may have been false could be reversed and the player could have a second chance at trying to show staff the other side that isn't what their ban portrays.
  9. NicholasVapes

    Rifts More Rewarding

    +1 I agree because rifts do so much damage and I have even died from spawning in rift summoners L for me.
  10. NicholasVapes

    Potion Shop and Realm Merge

    +1 I think a realm merge would be great but I don't think the people want to risk getting rid of all their classes and gambling them in class crates like last realm merge.
  11. NicholasVapes

    New rune

    +1 Great idea I have heard of this idea of the enchant "Thor" but never as creative as this one.
  12. NicholasVapes

    Using xp to buy runes

    +1 I like the idea it has been brought up many times and they have never added it so hopefully they do add it this time.
  13. NicholasVapes

    Golden knife anti dupe

    Funny to me that your the one posting this considering your faction used over 10+ knives a day before they gave out keys to obtain many knives but its fine. I like the idea +1
  14. NicholasVapes

    NicholasVapes's Player Report on jordancollison

    Minecraft Username: jordancollison Your Username NicholasVapes Time and Date: Oct 9, 2018 Realm: Forgotten Woods Reason: Fly boost Evidence and Proof Keytimes: Whole I...
  15. NicholasVapes

    Cannon realm with upload schem server

    Printer is basically like a normally printer as what is on your screen from the loaded schem that you have you click a button that you bind in settings and it will just print like a printer prints paper when authorized to.
  16. NicholasVapes

    Cannon realm with upload schem server

    I agree but I would also like to have the website thing but printer works. As long as its not stupidly glitchy.
  17. NicholasVapes

    Cannon realm with upload schem server

    Basically this is kinda obvious just a plot for cannons but with something that oneshot has which is where you can upload a schem to a website that they give you a link to on the server when using a certain command which then the schem can be instantly uploaded and be onto the server rather than...