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  1. Zasver

    can u talk to me on discord Zasver#4044 i need help

    can u talk to me on discord Zasver#4044 i need help
  2. Zasver

    Should Staff Do Screenshares

    there is applications like teamviewer and and if they cant log out or they will be banned they cannot chang versions
  3. Zasver


  4. Zasver

    Should Staff Do Screenshares

    I see i guess not all servers are the same.
  5. Zasver

    Should Staff Do Screenshares

    in a screenshare the player isn't allowed to log out or close minecraft so they cant close hacks and maybe recordings aren't enough proof.
  6. Zasver


    -1 I dont get the point
  7. Zasver


    +1 Like The Idea
  8. Zasver


    +1 though i do like your consideration
  9. Zasver


    maybe other players thought it was too OP i dont really know but me myself i feel like it ruin it
  10. Zasver

    Should Staff Do Screenshares

    Should staff do screenshares on people that they think might be hacking but they dont know if they are or should they not. Me Personally i feel like they should do screenshares on people who dont admit to cheating or if the staff member isn't sure i feel like its just a better way of catching...
  11. Zasver

    /help is broken /register is not working

    im sure the /register command now works everywhere.
  12. Zasver

    Sell Tokens

    When will Sell Tokens be fixed or taken out because ive been getting all of my keys from staying online and through alot of my keys i get Sell Tokens that i cant even use i hope they get taken out of the server because they are a waste of some keys at the moment and i do know it is just the...
  13. Zasver

    Current Issues with Staff (in my opinion)

    i think its a good idea to introduce new staff members as the people need to be updated
  14. Zasver

    Can we have class rolls be max on beta?

    its just the fact that i hope they extend the wait times for the classes on the non beta.
  15. Zasver

    Insiding, Bannable or No?

    i agree with you its just like me and my friends we play this 2v2 game where insiding is allowed and i feel like insiding can make people quit but it can also be quite fun do to and can make people try harder to get back to where they were but ill give u a +1 for the idea
  16. Zasver

    XP Upon Death

  17. Zasver

    XP Upon Death

    i feel like they should drop all of there xp as you did manage to kill them so you should get a reward even if its like a 85% xp drop out of their xp
  18. Zasver

    Extra lores on gear / weapons

    i agree with Gunzal as i find its almost way to easy to make god sets and i think it should be alot harder to get them as alot of people have them and i also feel like Treasure Classes should be buffed even if they were just made to a longer wait time to use it again as you can get so much...