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  1. tooooooooooofast

    Draco IRL Video

    These are the minemen that are ganking you out in your free cam cegged derp. Enjoy :cool:
  2. tooooooooooofast

    Treja Woh Faction Montage

    I love tejah woh
  3. tooooooooooofast

    Valor Roster (Pirate Re-Release)

    tooooooooooofast FastAsThunder GlacialCyborg Devinnn Akat NicholasVapes Nelly___ Wreckless_ BuffStache Randumb TheArabKing XPhantomX Birhak xTuff xElite Spidqr Tripin Kabpa Konfidence Sahibarade 0Sharky JisooKiim Bwekky Cloudzy Vaseus Snadam Kidsrule97 Kalzo Poojan Versachee DoctorRu Synister...
  4. tooooooooooofast

    tooooooooooofast's Play Report on Treasure Wars

    So today I was forced by an admin to unclaim all of my claims at warp desert. I had claimed all 4 sides. The admin stated that the rule I was breaking was "common sense." He said I basically ruined a warp because no one will PvP because everyone needs a derp to PvP. If they don't want one...
  5. tooooooooooofast

    add this and boom all of minecraft on your server

    ok. After playing a bit of the beta realm that just released me and my faction came up with many brilliant ideas for the cool developers to add to the cool server. Being able to /wizard Cracked Runes. With the new trick or treat class you have a chance to obtain many cracked runes and the...
  6. tooooooooooofast

    Free dan the man with the plan

    yo my boy dan the man with the plan got run up by envy and his squad. All dan the man with the plan did was put an emoji in treasure wars discord and boom skratata he got insta banned by this guy filled with envy. Can this post get 15 likes for an unban for dan the man with the plan...
  7. tooooooooooofast

    Treasure Wars mineman episode 1

    Well I guess I'm back. I was false banned for "Leaking sensitive staff information" for about 2 weeks. I later got the evidence of the person who got me banned admitting to faking the evidence. I'm most likely not going to revert back to my toxic days because I could care less. I have a beta...
  8. tooooooooooofast

    God Rank Gem Giveaway!

    Greeting Adventurers! I hope that everyone is excited and ready for reset occurring on the 29th of June! Since we are heading into Season 5 I've decided to give the community a little treat! My faction member @Akay was kind enough to do a God Rank trade on Bandit Hills and give me the gem to...
  9. tooooooooooofast

    Realms Merging S5

    Hello, so I was just wondering if realms were to merge what realms would you like to see being merged. Go vote what you think is the best. IMO Bandit and Cursed, Forgotten and Reforged. Also I would like to say that I don't think the server could handle the realms merging into one realm, because...
  10. tooooooooooofast


    hi im here again bc i cant advertise in disc. Skip to 1:50 for the giveaway bye
  11. tooooooooooofast

    /CF on twars

    hello im back here on forums with another video. that's all i have to say
  12. tooooooooooofast

    playing treasure wars (Gone wrong and sexual)

    still can't advertise on twars disc, so expect seeing a lot more posts by me soon;)
  13. tooooooooooofast

    game breaking glitch!

    now that I can't advertise on discord anymore, I'll just drop this here First video in like 3 months
  14. tooooooooooofast

    Forgotten Next Reset Faction Recruitment

    Greetings Adventurers, this is the GucciGank Faction recruitment page. My IGN is toooooooooofast. I am an admin for the faction GucciGank! Below I will put a format on how to setup your application. Remember if you do not get accepted do not take it personally! This is just a game and we are...
  15. tooooooooooofast

    Best Legit Player? (Forgotten S3)

    I know I made a "Best Forgotten Player S3, but majority of the players had hacks and it was all messed up. This time its all legit players :D. EDIT: I almost forgot the man, the myth, the legend Flexxin to the list
  16. tooooooooooofast

    Season 4 Idea!

    I was sitting in a call with my faction and we thought about this idea for Season 4. So basically since how the realms merged this season and the newer realms were merged into the OG realms, this season it should be reversed. The name and the war zone should be switched. For example: Bandit...
  17. tooooooooooofast

    Best on Forgotten S3?

    We all know that majority of the people in the list hack but whatever. If your not in this list sorry :P btw my order is not in greatest to worst.
  18. tooooooooooofast

    Hero Rank Giveaway (Forgotten)

    I'm Giving away a hero rank on forgotten! The goal is 175 subs. To enter the giveaway drop a like, subscribe, and comment your IGN.
  19. tooooooooooofast

    10/10 Server!

    Basically me and my allies were pvping and out of the no where the wonderful server crashes and we die in combat. I end up losing my set and CBA of building a new one. The next time you might see me playing is when Lachlan comes back on a realm. -Fast
  20. tooooooooooofast

    OId Nether?

    Hey guys, A lot of the community from Treasure Wars wants the old nether to return. Some people would say PvP would be ruined because players would just safe zone. In my opinion the pvp as of now is worse. The only type of pvp that we would get is hacker pvp, derp pvp, and gank pvp. To me that...