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  1. Horn34

    Sur Moi About Me

    Hello! :cool:
  2. Horn34

    i lost my god ranks

    You'll be able to get any rank and/or classes back. If you run the /transfer command while on the realm it should bring up a GUI with them in, however, if they are not there then please make a ticket on our discord server so we can help you further.
  3. Horn34

    Collection Chest glitch

    The issue with collection chests turning to normal chests is currently being looked into by our developers.
  4. Horn34

    I lost my rank but i dont remeber what rank i was and i have a new username i played years ago

    Hi there, @Soul_Archer . If you join our discord server (, create a support ticket by reacting to the message in the #support channel we'll be able to help you out further.
  5. Horn34

    Spam Tping is mute evading

    Threads like this help no one. If you have an issue with a punishment, make an appeal.
  6. Horn34

    Slottys on Gear

    I agree with both. +1
  7. Horn34

    Nerds IRL

    Accurate ;)
  8. Horn34

    Enchants that stack

    It does. /runes in game and you can see whether a rune stacks or not.
  9. Horn34

    Treasure Wars Newsletter - "The Revival"

    Aye nice, gg!
  10. Horn34

    Depth Strider

  11. Horn34

    Depth Strider

    I actually like the idea of changing iron lung to what you suggested, would be a very nice change IMO.
  12. Horn34

    Treasure Wars | Reset Montage!

  13. Horn34

    della's introduction :)

    Howdy! :cool:
  14. Horn34

    Rank gone :(

    If you join the server's Discord server,, and make a ticket the staff team will help you from there!