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  1. Flip

    Custom TNT

    Remove sponge TNT
  2. Flip

    A small QOL Update - Remove the 32block enemy tp limit in Shop!

    When you are in shop i don't think there should be a 32 block limit when next to enemy's. Its has no purpose and is just a pain when you go to buy something in shop.
  3. Flip

    Im flip

    Im FlipHalfling_90, i am in the faction Persistant, Redemption and Wizards. I play reforged. My hobbies are filling regens and genning walls. My favourite food is Sunday dinner and drink is coke.
  4. Flip

    New staff

    Who is simmo?
  5. Flip

    Even more new clue ideas for scrolls.

    Pickpocket 10k from people in war zone Loot 5 war zone chests Apply 1 protection rune Kill 10 pigs Kill 100 blazes Successfully use the merchant and get a rune (any rune can be good or bad) Deal the most damage on a necromancer craft 16 brewing stands Spend 15 mins in the war zone Use Mcmmo...
  6. Flip

    A new clue for scrolls

    Pickpocket 10k from people in the warzone. Thats it :)
  7. Flip

    Discord Off topic chat

    I don't want to talk about twars related things all the time!
  8. Flip

    Suggestions | New Devs

    So here are some suggestions for the new Dev! Mythical Classes So my idea here is that some of the older classes will be buffed and made Mythical they will have higher tier runes and more of them. Classes that need buffed: -Warrior Class -Archer Class -Mage Class -Assassin Class -Paladin Class...
  9. Flip

    The News Letter.

    Where has it gone?
  10. Flip

  11. Flip

    My time may be up.

    So Treasure Wars is the greatest faction sever of them all. But now i may be quitting. This is because the faction i was in Immortal modded a player @shah which I did not think was the right idea. This lead to me leaving the faction and i joined a faction with some of my mates. I did not enjoy...
  12. Flip

    Server Merge

    So I was thinking now that Lachlan and Vikk have moved to play cosmic that the two servers may merge. I think this because Vikk and lachlan are great friends with the owners of cosmic Woofles and Preston. -Flip
  13. Flip

    Dave for Admin

    Who do you all think will be the next admin?
  14. Flip

    Reset all Realms

    I feel if the staff reset all of the Realms lots of people will return to treasure wars.