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  1. tobguin05

    Content rip cursed

    F posted on secret part of forums
  2. tobguin05


    I think 2x flyboost should be allowed since there really isnt that big of a difference with 1,5x and 2x flyboost because if you allowed 2x flyboost then people could also use badlion client flyboost and not just cosmic client
  3. tobguin05


    Add a clown emoji on forums
  4. tobguin05


    Hi im tobguin05 owner of pirate realm
  5. tobguin05


    can we get a F in the chat for me since im banned
  6. tobguin05


    I've been pvping on beta alot but today people with max unarmed started to disarm and ruined the pvp since nobody has unarmed and only way you can get unarmed levels is being lucky through the warchests so i just want unarmed to be easier to get or disabled
  7. tobguin05


  8. tobguin05

    Halloween Sale

    Have a 50% sale or something like that for October and add beta pass back to the store
  9. tobguin05

    Enemies Chests

    I don't see why you arent able to open chests in other people claims. I have wasted loads of ceggs trying to get stuff from chest but it all just goes on the ground and you cant really sort through it
  10. tobguin05

    /coins pay

    i like the new system with the treasure coins but i dont like that you cant give them in anyway. I think you should be able to do like /coins pay (person)
  11. tobguin05


    Well since there is so many dupe bugs on the server we might aswell add /dupe.
  12. tobguin05


    Felix is a straight SAVAGE
  13. tobguin05

    Read this isnt clickbait!!!!11!!111

    He's lit he's fit and he's not **** his name is iSplit #GetiSplitUnbanned I hope this works @jamhd
  14. tobguin05


    It would be cool if there was KOTHs every like 3 hours or something where if you capped it you would get a "koth loot bag" which would have many different things in it like cooldown shards, timeless scrolls, war coins, keys, a random class crate but that will be very rare, rune pouches and loads...
  15. tobguin05


    I would like to get missions added, that gives you factions coins which you can use in /f shop where you can buy different stuff with the coins. There will be Daily and Weekly missions. There could be many different missions, depending on how hard the missions are for example "Kill 50 players in...
  16. tobguin05

    Timeless Scrolls

    I like doing clue scrolls but i dont like that you have to wait 2 days for a legendary scroll or heroic scroll so i think i would a good i idea if you could buy a "Timeless Mystery Clue Scroll" and "Timeless Heroic Mystery Clue Scroll" for example 3 times the normal cost of the clue scroll.
  17. tobguin05

    Xp for rune pouches.

    I think there should be a new merchant that for example: 2500 xp for a uncommon rune pouch, 7500 xp for rare rune pouch and 15000 xp for a mythic rune pouch because its sometimes really hard to find the rune you are looking for and with this you can try and be lucky and get the rune you are...