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  1. Kalzo

    Class Rolls

    Class rolls seem to have been nerfed- please change them back to what they were before x
  2. Kalzo

    Quality Of Life Updates

    1 - Make it so you can do /nether, /desert etc again 2 - Make it so milk buckets stack again 3 - Make it so if you click on a player in chat their faction comes up again 4 - Probably broken but make it so /f show *offline player* actually works 5 - Make it so until bosses are back if you get a...
  3. Kalzo

    Open Beta

    make it so theres a open beta which you can use to test bugs
  4. Kalzo

    Reset Ideas

    hey fellas, thought to make a thread about some of my ideas about reset- 1. Don't unban explorers in the global unban. The amount of explorer alts that well known hackers used and got banned with is probably in the hundreds/thousands, and all the hassle there was in order to ban them would just...
  5. Kalzo

    forced reset

    Apparently theres been a load of duping going around, ruining ecos and making pvp senseless as you'll just get gked (idk i don't play). Might be nice to have a new reset.. plus the server is pretty dead atm anyway, it'll also probably get more players lol. plus kids are apparently getting banned...
  6. Kalzo


    To keep it short, I'm quitting because my PC broke xd I played this server for around 2 years, and throughout those 2 years I made quite a few friends or enemies lol. The current state the server is in is honestly pretty sad, but I hope that'll change as this server is honestly the best server I...
  7. Kalzo

    rip lokiies

    the mineman got perm banned L
  8. Kalzo

    God Rank Trade

    did a lil trade lol ez
  9. Kalzo

    Cooldown Shards

    Make it so the cooldown shards reset your scroll cooldowns as well.
  10. Kalzo

    champ rank giveaway

    alright kids so I have a champ rank gem on bandit, and the kid I was going to give it to decided he didn't want it anymore and I have no one to give it to so might as well give it away lmao- its christmas soon anyway so why not- comment ur ign in this thread and tomorrow 8pm GMT i'll do some...
  11. Kalzo


    when you kids actually get to the announcement of reset, giveaway a god rank in celebration or something lmao
  12. Kalzo

    give dan sr mod

    ^ - he actually knows how to do his job
  13. Kalzo


    is it possible to get god rank or golden knives from mythic keys? cuz i've legit never heard of someone getting god or gk since they updated the rewards lmao
  14. Kalzo

    bandit legit players (vote)

  15. Kalzo

    top 10 gg!!

    as I'm gay might as well make a top 10- won't be biased either. Have fun seeing the best players imo 6 months into the map :D 1: Hqtt- When I fight him he tanks and does deal damage- plus can actually 1 v 1 and doesn't just gank- F2P too- Chaos 2: Ryleys- Gked like 8 times and is one of the...
  16. Kalzo

    make it so you can upgrade runes

    make it so you can upgrade the runes that you can't normally get on gear for example with the thanksgiving class u have time heal on the boots, lets say u get time heal 3, make it so u can upgrade it to time heal 5 cough cough
  17. Kalzo


    nvm- hella cringe jesus christ lmao
  18. Kalzo

    Chat Rules

    Now everyone's favourite Christian is gone, let's make chat offences less harsh :)
  19. Kalzo

    Gear Burning In Lava

    make it so gear and weapons and pets dont burn in lava
  20. Kalzo

    Golden Knifed