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  1. sjantonio

    Hi I'm eating chicken tenders with a pvp montage

    Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.
  2. sjantonio

    /reclaim on any realm

    Personally i'v seen a lot of people move realms and are trying to trade stuff on their current realm for ranks on a new realm. So why can't we have a system for /reclaim where it shows all of your classes and ranks in total and you can decide one by one what you want on a realm. It would still...
  3. sjantonio

    Unclaim land with collection chest

    It's a simple request, but it might help f top factions or any faction, be able to unclaim land with collection chest. It can get confusing and annoying when you need to unclaim a lot of land or do ./f unclaim all and it doesn't work. Its just a small update that most the community wouldn't...
  4. sjantonio

    Invite GotGaps Cause He is Cool

    A player called GotGaps (me) is looking to join a faction on bandit. I would say I have enough experience on haunted and cursed to join a decent faction on bandit that knows what they are doing. So what are you doing invite GotGaps today.
  5. sjantonio

    A Pay To Play Realm

    The thing I mostly see about Treasure Wars is that they need money to run their server, which will have to be added into the game. But the problem with this if they don't make p2w items that interest people are they won't sell it. The bad thing about this is it makes the game less fun to none...
  6. sjantonio

    Treasure Wars are only making the better factions better.

    Lets be honest treasure wars is a server that is hard to play on if your new. The recent amount of explorers on cursed is just "to many" so it made me think what if their is an event, and made me wonder wow they would die...
  7. sjantonio

    Fix Haunted not fun to play anymore

    Haunted was a fun realm when there was not just 1 op fac with all the op players in it.You go into the warzone you will get ganked by them.Haunted's f top is even worst second 2 top with is an abandoned fac is which is 84mil and the top fac is 866mil.Who would want to play in a realm like that I...