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    The Best Suggestion

    You should add the ender dragon and let it only be killed once or make it an event or something along those lines where you can pvp there but if you get in the top 5 damage on the ender dragon you get a special reward like a class gem or a rank gem somethings along those lines this would be good...
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    Biggest Suggestion Ever!

    Biggest suggestion ever Stop suggesting!!!! So staff have been overwork recently, i am suggesting we stop spam suggesting the same ideas over and over just wait to be asked for input or think of an original suggestion. Pce out
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    Menslooter Abusing

    In this video you can see Menslooter using a lot of golden knives, he golden knives a champion rank player who can then be seen complaining about Menslooter at time 10:55 if u look in chat. idm some good messing around but that's a bit tight towards the champion in question.
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    OG Runes

    Fat - Fat gives absorbtion hearts at proc per lvl it is 1 heart Annihilate - 2x - 4x dmg boost on proc (also gives the person a huge knockback so they fly into the air or across the map.) Trickshot - has a chance to hit again Duel Wield - Reprocs the same hit again, if binded with killstreak...
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    Everyone is saying do [brag] add it, I think a better idea would be adding /invsee to mythic chests, heroic clues and the server store as an extra perk? This would give an essential idea of knowing what people are in and stuff along those lines. <3
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    Weekly Announcements

    When I say this I mean it in a very different way to what it seems, by this I mean to encourage youtubers, how u may ask, well if every week u add a public announcement about how the economy and stuff is going along add a video of god kills or raids every week to show who is actually op and who...
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    Awesome Server!

    Pce nerds ill come on to buy and use gks but other than that nopE. :P
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    Community Thingy

    If You Wanna Be on the Community team click yes if not click no because this seems weird to me.
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    From the event how do u claim 1st 2nd or 3rd prize?
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    The event bent over eu players royally everything started outta time for us it's actually stupid pick a good time not a tryhard aussie 1
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    Treasure wars.....

    Next reset all everyone wants is comp use your brain merge all of the realms make tw have comp again?