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    JJRocker and Spewguard

    IF these two people charge back everything they bought will the server be in debt?
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    Having A Way To Stop ChargeBacks.

    As you may have realized if a person does not like you they will either give you hate or charge you back because when they charge you back the server will ban you in minutes while they are having fun charging you back.There should be an Password and username for your account to buy items on the...
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    Decent Kill in War Zone

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    Times for necro and magma/rift

    This would be a awsome feature to add to treasure wars. It shows when the next rift or magma or necro can spawn it is a good idea because for most of the players like me nowon hanges around necro for 1 hour because we have other staff to do so if there was like 5 minits.Before necro spawns or...