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  1. bwekky

    bwekky 4 Triskele

    Title says all
  2. bwekky

    What’s the best team?

    Just to clear this up what team is the best out of the alpha team? Event, Content, or Quality Assurance? Pick event
  3. bwekky

    Opinions on the New Forums?

    Hey there, I'm just curious to see other peoples opinions on the new Forums Update, me personally I like the new look.
  4. bwekky

    Instant TP in SafeZone!

    Just a quick announcement, I think we should keep instant TP only if you're in safezone. Spawn, warps, etc. Right now you can instant TP "everywhere!" this is quite annoying when you're fighting someone and they get out of combat and just tp back to spawn.
  5. bwekky

    /Runes Description Update!

    Here's another little suggestion! What I was thinking is that when you look up a rune on the command /runes in the description it should say if it's stackable or not. I have been seeing some confusion if some runes stack so I think adding this would clear that up.
  6. bwekky

    Faction Tags!

    Alright now before people say this is just a copy of cosmic you need to think about the pros of this suggestion. Now it's quite confusing when you're trying to figure out who is an ally, enemy, faction member, etc. so what if we add something that puts you out there more? For example you can...
  7. bwekky

    Item Descriptions!

    Hey there everyone, what are your opinions on having an item that allows you to customize a lore on your item? For example you get this item from a warchest and you can put it on one of your pieces, that allows you to type a message in chat with color codes to add a description to your item to...
  8. bwekky

    What do you want to see?

    Greetings Explorers! This is a thread just to see what people want to see! So leave a message saying what you think should either be Changed or Added to the server so that our staff team / community relations members can see what you guys want to see and that would make it easier for them to...
  9. bwekky

    Different teams and what they do!

    Greetings Explorers! Here is a little help for those who are a little bit confused about the teams system! Community Manager - A community manager is a person who is in charge of the community! This means they run events, and other things related to the server. List: Jobmaximous, FluffyBear...
  10. bwekky

    Guess this is goodbye.

    Well before I get into this I just want to explain the reasoning behind my demotion. Today at 9:19 AM PST I received a message from Ultimate_Derp saying that i have unfortunately been removed from the staff team due to my warning of threatening behavior which okay understandable then the other...
  11. bwekky

    Treasure Wars Ban Panel?!

    Treasure Wars Ban Panel! Greetings everyone! I wanted to see what you guys think about Treasure Wars creating its own public ban panel! Before you say this is like cosmic just think about the good it could do. It can inform people the history of the person they are looking up or see if their...
  12. bwekky

    Daily Reward System Idea!

    Greetings! I had a little idea about a daily reward system thanks to Eraze ( So what i was thinking is that we could have a daily rewards system that you claim then progress to the next level! For example if i had a daily reward available to claim and it was my first...
  13. bwekky

    Coin Flip Instead Of Jackpot!

    Greetings! I say we replace the Jackpot feature with a coinflip instead. Before you say -1 that we aren't trying to be like cosmic please not that coinflip is more of a balanced feature than the jackpot because lately i have been seeing people with around 5% luck of winning the jackpot win...
  14. bwekky

    3k Appreciation Thread!

    3k Appreciation Thread Just wanted to make an appreciation thread because recently I hit 3,000 messages and the 2 year mark on the forums! This thread is just to appreciate the people who have helped me and the server! So let’s get started on the list shall we? @Henrykarma2 - my first ever...
  15. bwekky

    Happy New Years!

    Happy New Years! Just wanted to wish everyone a happy New Years! And also to say be safe and don’t drink too much. Other than that hope everyone has the chance to spend time with their family and friends during this time! @Menslooter & @HellaFlop i better not see you guys drink Champagne!
  16. bwekky

    Who has the most face palm ratings?

    I've noticed that i am getting up there with the received face palms, so i was wondering who has the most on the forums? o_O
  17. bwekky

    oof rating?!

    I say just like the kappa, bad spelling, salty, etc. rating we have an oof rating :)
  18. bwekky

    Cool Down on Soul Gems

    Hello! what if we add a cool down for soul gems because i have been seeing a lot of people changing to the same race so they don't have to pvp. Don't really have much description for this suggestion considering it's pretty self explanatory
  19. bwekky

    everyone who has been there for me! <3

    HELLO! this is just a little thread to show my appreciation to the people who have always been there for me. @Henrykarma2 - was my first friend ever on treasure wars and is still an amazing friend! @Lokiies - first met this guy on a server called TheRegionMc and even though we just started...
  20. bwekky

    Selling GFX's!

    So right now i'm selling GFX's for a very affordable price! If you're interested please pm me via discord! ~Crits#4985