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  1. CruderTax

    Reset information & Pirate Closure!

    Greetings Adventurers, It’s Christmas! We’re back to gift you all a very early Christmas present, no coal this year. As you all may know, we have officially announced our Pirate reset for the 21st December at 10pm GMT. To prepare for our upcoming reset we have recently closed the current pirate...
  2. DdfhtyAJ

    Giving away Class And 3 Gsets and 100m ( each day of mayhen )

    Ok so ive decided to give away a class next season ( winner of that will get it next season ) 3 gsets : 2 this season and next season the first one i make goes to whoever wins and 100m per day of mayhem Post your ign and what u want in comment post place bellow.
  3. Stopy

    Champion rank giveaway on reforged

    HEY GUYS I just got a champion rank on reforged from a scroll and luckily I recorded myself getting it. If you want to enter in the giveaway, go comment follow the rules on my youtube video which can be found at . Good luck everyone!!!