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_7k's QA Application


New Member
User name: Mythicized123

Minecraft Username _7k

Previous Usernames

Age 15

Timezone EST

Faction Nerds

Discord Tag MathU#6423

Are you on our Discord server and do you have a working microphone? Yos

How long have you been playing on TreasureWars? Roughly 4 Years

How can your server knowledge benefit you as a member of the team? To ensure quality on the server a person with the knowledge I have on the server will be an asset to the team.

What attributes will you contribute to the team? Anything that has to do with economy, cannoning, base building, raiding, pvp, and spawners I have great knowledge of.

How do you think the Quality Assurance role can benefit the server? The Quality Assurance role can benefit the server by keeping things in line such as, not making things too over powered or the opposite, even creating new things to improve the quality of life for the players is an important role that the Quality Assurance team plays in.

If you could change anything about the TreasureWars network, what would it be and why? I would like to change the way players obtain enchantment runes, I believe that rune pouches and washup should not be the only way to acquire runes. I think adding a new use of exp to obtain "Mystery (Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic) Runes" in which when right clicked, the player would receive a random rune of the same rarity of the mystery rune and would have random rates and level, this would take the unbalanced aspect out of rune pouch in which it would add a lot of new changes to the economy of runes and sets. At the moment the only use for exp is Mystery Clue Scrolls and Rune Pouches in which I find very skewed based off of the rates of the runes and the level.

Anything else we should know? I was in the alpha team previously about 3 times and have since been removed due to being false banned numerous times.


hey there thanks for the shown interest,

The fact that you are currently banned makes it impossible to have you on the alpha team. Feel free to apply again when you are unbanned.

Kind regards Lander1011