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ALL NEW Purification Crystals, Description Dust, Faction Updates and more!

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Hello Adventurers!

Over the last two weeks the development team have been hard at work engineering new content and features for you to enjoy during your journey on TreasureWars! We’ve got lots of exciting updates lined up for you all in the coming weeks!


Ever had an annoying description on an item that’s tarnished the look of your god set? Well now you can remove them. Simply obtain a Purification Crystal and apply it to the desired item.


Customizing your gear has now been made ten times easier thanks to Description Dust. Once you get your hands on this otherworldly dust, directly apply it to your gear and enter your very own description and show your opponents who’s boss!


Moving forward all spawner blocks will stack into an individual block to reduce FPS lag, as well as also improve the efficiency of your grinders. Each spawner block stack will have a maximum of 128 spawners and adding spawners to the stack will reduce the amount of time between mob spawns. When placing mob spawners the server will check for nearby spawners, and if it cannot find any nearby then it will place all the spawners in your hand in one single stack. However, if it finds a nearby stack then it will fill the nearby stack with all the spawner(s) in your inventory/hand.

For raiding you will only get 33% of the stack when blowing up each spawner stack. This is the same as if you were to blow up the a spawner normally. It won’t have any effect when mining spawners, as you will have to individually mine each block and each spawner block will retain the normal mining fee.


We have decided to add horizontal versions of the existing vertical generation buckets. These will work by placing up to 64 blocks in the direction in which you’re facing when clicking the block. The only time by which the generation bucket will not place 64 blocks of the material specified is when the next block is in a claim for which you don’t have build permissions.


We’ve added some small changes to factions to help improve your experience. Faction leaders will now be able to toggle whether their faction members can edit the faction tag.


Now that we are around mid-way into Pirate, certain factions have been dominating the leaderboard for over a week. This week’s faction payouts are as follows:

F-TOP #1: GrassNerds - Worth: $50,752,445,000
F-TOP #2: F-TOP - Worth: $38,173,450,250
F-Top #3: Sour - Worth: $6,779,981,250

Please note: Payouts are confirmed by our new #placements channel every FRIDAY. If factions start to snipe F-TOP we will be putting in new measures to prevent factions from doing so.

Thanks again for all the support everyone! We’ll have another update releasing next Friday as well as something small to keep you all updated during the week! We hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.
Not open for further replies.