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Are you kidding me?

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Why did the server rollback?
You have wasted so many peoples time
you managed to kill the server already gg


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Dev's can't corrupt momery... it's something that just happens due to the memory leak and lack of storage from faults made by previous devs.
"Today’s issue with the rollback was caused by one of our own developers uploading a system that automatically took a heap dump when certain conditions were met, this system was on the server for two days. While it was on it filled up the drive space on the server causing data loss with Factions, PlayerVaults, AuctionHouse and anything that was stored via flat file".


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Server had to rollback further as files were corrupt and it was the only way to have a smooth running server. we will have a fresh reset on April 6th which will hopefully be free of lag and dupe glitches. the reset is what we needed right now.
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