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BearSquad Or Infamous

Bearsquad Or Infamous

  • BearSquad

    Votes: 34 53.1%
  • Infamous

    Votes: 30 46.9%

  • Total voters
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Like wont they have to all leave or disband?
no, I think it will just give the leadership position to a mod by defualt. Remeber Lachlan left Blur? Reliant was then the only person in Blur, and he became the leader, then he gave it back to Lachie.
moose stop lying you even told fish on skype the other week come here and let me friend on on my client also if you want hacking why did it get accepted tell me that #BearSquadOP
all yous are dead now your banned thomashwik got g knifed chicken got banned for hacking on a alt all there is to kill is pizza jonaza and bam and they are **** scared of us
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