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Bobjoeisbeast's Ban Report against GalaxyPatX for Scamming

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Ban reports are considered and evaluated objectively by staff. Please complete the form in its entirety.

Remember to be:

Specific - including what transpired during the offense and key times if you are including a video.


Include evidence - All ban reports, without exception, require supporting evidence. This evidence can include: A full Size Screenshot(s) and or A full Size Video. Partial screenshots cannot be considered as it may indicate alteration.

Evidence must clearly show the following: Clear and legible IGN of the accused and Indisputable support of your claim.

NOTE: Due to players attempting to frame other players, Only VIDEO EVIDENCE will be considered / accepted.

What is your In Game Name:

Name(s) of the accused:

Time and Date:
at around 4:20

Reason for Reporting

Supporting Evidence/Proof
An Adventurer has made the offense of scamming. He not only made a vow

Quickly afterward he took most of my spawners. Since he was the only other online and there was no mark of a raid, it was him 100%. Judging that for reporting scamming is an option it is clearly bannable. He made a vow swearing he wouldn't do it. I promise he attempted using profanity with asterisks. Then with pride infact he made this claim
"Vows don't do anything LOL" Showing his pride in scamming me since he didn't labor for gaining the spawners in raids one is not guaranteed things and raids are hard. If this guy isn't banned then I guess then is an inequality to the ranked the minority to the explorers the majority. According to, the definition of scam is a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit;swindle.( He confidently took my things being a fraud at helping. With a quick profit of a few spawners.I swear this is all legit evidence. Hope you have a nice day

Key Times
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