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Bug Report Format and Information

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Treasure Wars Bug Report Format and Information
Found a broken feature on the server which isn't working properly? Encountered a bug which is affecting gameplay? You've come to the right place! We make sure that gameplay on our server is very stable and enjoyable for all players. If there is something which is not working properly, please file a bug report so we can get it fixed!

When submitting a bug report, there are a few things that you'll want to keep in mind. First off, make sure that you or someone you know is not reproducing the bug/glitch repeatedly. Once you've found the bug and have reported it, please do not take advantage of it. Players caught exploiting bugs will be punished properly. Secondly, if you have encountered a game-breaking bug, please submit a bug report immediately and tag me and another admin in it.

Can I share this bug with friends?
Once you have encountered a bug on the server, please submit a bug report with sufficient information on reproducing it. Bug Reports are private, so refrain from sharing known bugs which have not been patched yet with other players.

Help, I didn't get my package from the store!
If you are seeking assistance for store-related issues, such as not receiving a package which you have purchased, please submit a purchase help thread here:

Failing to report known bugs and/or to exploit a bug for self-benefits can result in a punishment.

Bug Report Format

Q: What is your Username?
What is your Minecraft Username.

Q: Bug Description?
Describe the bug you have encountered in detail.

Q: Bug Reproduction?
Please also include details on how to reproduce this bug.

Q: Screenshots?
Attach any screenshots or videos which show this bug occurring.

Q: Realm?

Which realm did this bug occur on.

Q: Time and Date?
When did this bug occur.

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