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HydraCal Recruitment

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Samuel Burns

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These will be essential need-to-knows to apply for our faction.
When applying, you're application should look something like this:
  • Age
  • Rank
  • In game name
  • Why you want to join our faction
  • Why you would rather apply for this faction then a different one
  • What was your previous faction
  • Skype (Required)
  • Special Talents you obtain (Raiding, PvPing, etc.)
  • On a scale of 1-10 how well do you take orders
  • What could you contribute to our faction
  • Anything else you would like to tell us
These are the questions that we ask of you in our application. All applications will be seen.
The council of Hydra includes the following players: Epics_Fighter and ShaunWooding
Your application could be judged by one of those following players.
Don't know how to apply? Simply sign in to the forums, accept with your email and reply to this post!
Credit to KingPeter10!
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