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I dont have my rank! Help!!!

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I bought a rank for the frozen abyss. It was an adventurer rank, I waited about 15 hours and I still don't have it!
I did all that was required to do... And I don't have it... my username on minecraft is theguynextdoor11 and I put that in. Please help me!


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Please post a Purchase Help thread here. Include your:
Transaction ID (this can be found in the email you received saying you bought the item)
Your In-Game-Name
Date you bought the item/rank/class
Any other information you think is needed.
Logon will then read it and help you when he has time.
Hope I Helped! :)


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i brought god rank and it didnt give it me but it gave me it nether star that says god rank and my mum brought it what should i do
in game name is jammie gaming
rank god
sever reforged
dont remember when i brought it because it was a present from my mum and plus i though u had to wait a few day for it to come but it didn't
thank for reading get back to me asap pease
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it gave me god rank in nether star come on reforged and i will show u and u have to be dwarf and i could get a screen shot if u like
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