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Just a couple of suggestions :P

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Hello, my good-looking gamers! Most of you know me already (and probably hate me) but incase you don’t, I am DeltaStrider. I’ve been a player here for about 2-3 years. Recently, due to the unban reset, I have been unbanned. I come today bringing a couple ideas I would like added to the server, and a few of them you might like also. So let’s get right into it.

Faction Alts: It’s basically a known thing on factions, that they have alts and alt factions. I would like to see a plugin that removes the need to have an alt faction. Basically, there would be a specific part of your faction dedicated to alts. They would provide power, just like they would in an alt faction. They would still be able to run commands, such as /f home, but would not be a part of the faction itself. Having alts in your faction has been an issue in the past with adding new people to your faction, but with this feature, it wouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Chunk Buffer Limit: Currently, the max amount of buffers you are allowed is a 20 chunk radius. If the Faction alt plugin was added, I would like to see the buffer limit go down to 15, so it doesn’t make the faction tops completely untouchable.

Marriage Plugin: This is only a small possibility, but it would have some use. I would like a plugin that allows marriage, seeing as a lot of people already e-date on this server, and some are playing with their real-life partners. This plugin would allow you to be able to access your spouse’s PVs. You’d be able to see when your partner had last logged in, and be able to teleport to them at free will. However, you would not be able to teleport while one partner is in combat.

Casino Merchant Revamp: Whilst the Casino Merchant was practically useless, it still provided a fun time and allowed players to experience some kind of gambling experience. It also allowed new players to test their luck on getting more money very early in their game. Most people start out later in the season, so it’s harder to raid and get money, but the Casino Merchant allowed them to attempt to get money quicker.

Faction Mute: A plugin that would allow the Owner and Co-Owners of their faction to mute people from talking in Faction chat would be a useful tool. A bunch of people could be good members of their faction but be completely annoying in Faction chat at times. This would help from driving people in your faction insane.

Discord Events: So far, there have only been events on the server and not on the Discord. There have been a few Q n’ A's but nothing else. I would like to see some Discord events pop up from time to time. Like Karaoke, for example. Players gather to hear others sing, it encourages them to socialize better with the community.
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I like the idea for a faction mute a lot considering when you block a player, you can still see their messages in faction / truce / ally chat. I also like the casino revamp being added as well as discord events to get certain rewards, etc. +1


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The faction alts thing is kinda hard to understand and as for the chunk buffer limit, the way cannons and base defenses are at the minute no base is anywhere near untouchable and an extra 5 chunks of what will more than likely only be pillars or normal walls wont make a huge difference. There was a lot of dupes and glitches with casino merchant so im not too sure about this coming back as that risk will come with it. A faction mute would be too abusive maybe just a command to disable viewing faction chat for a temp time like f global. More disc events would be cool to see. If marriage was added i would quit if im honest.
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