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Let me buy an unban


New Member
let me buy an unban I beg, how are duper’s aloud to buy unban that literally ruin the servers eco and everything but I can’t buy an unban for changing the name of a faction to a name that isn’t even the guys sisters real name??? Allow man to buy an unban beg


Active Member
Putting a message here won’t do anything for you, your only chance would be to contact an admin on discord.
Contacting admins does nothing as they only respond when they want to.

I have the same problem, im not network banned or blacklisted but im banned of the store from when i was and they cant be bothered to unban me because they dont want to


New Member
Fucking joke, tbf tho the server is completely broke anyway with all the dupes and how fucked the eco is, not really too bothered anymore, would be nice to be able to buy an unban tho with all the money I’ve put into the server already