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Player Report M4tt_H4wk's Player Report on Ial3x / Grass


Minecraft Username: Ial3x / Grass

Your Username M4tt_H4wk

Date: Nov 17, 2019

Realm: Pirate Islands

Reason: more than 20 chunk buffer and evading the claiming rule

Evidence and Proof - First of all, the video shows his 20 chunk and 10 block buffer limit, which is not allowed. Second, it shows how he has his buffer, left 2 chunks and claimed another 20 chunks. This is retarded because its impossible to build a good cannon and defences in a 2 chunk area. The rules state 'There must be at LEAST a 2 chunk gap between the end of your claims and the start of a truce, allies, or friend's faction claims. ANY attempts to evade this rule will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the Management Team.'. I think he is evading the rule and I think this rule should be changed and he should have those claims removed. Thanks for your time


I agree that the information reported is valid, unedited, and is not forged nor faked. I agree that when I submit this report, removing any evidence can result in a punishment. Yes