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Monthly Chests, Duels and Voting Hits the Pirate Islands!

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Greetings Adventurers!

It's been two weeks since our last announcement post and we are excited to bring you all a whole bunch of new features for you to enjoy here on TreasureWars.


A throwback to the past with duels returning to TreasureWars! Duel other players to get to the top of the leaderboard and compete to see who is the best TreasureWars PvPer.

To initiate a duel, just run the command /duel (ign). Once the opposing player accepts the duel you will be added to the queue. When the duel begins, all items that are on you will be taken to the duel arena where you can face up against your opponent. Players can spectate the duel by typing /spectate where they will be teleported into the duel arena.

Players also have the option to do a fair duel by typing /duel (ign) fair. This will roll one of the various classes we have on TreasureWars and allow challengers to compete in the fairest possible way.
Duels will be hitting the server later tonight so be sure to get ready!

Monthly Chest
Every month starting from May we will be releasing a new TreasureChest with exclusive loot that you won’t be able to obtain after the month ends. Make sure to grab it on our server store @

Here is a look at what you can expect to find in this month's chest.



A full set of Magma Armour with untold mysteries waiting to be uncovered. This armour will set flame to your opponents piercing through their gear and dealing damage. This leather armour that tanks like diamond is sure to give you an edge over your enemies.
Along with that, you will find the all-new Switch Snowball. Throw this ball at any entity and you will find yourselves switching places with them. This is the perfect item for you trappers.

Supporting us has never been easier! With our most recent addition of God+, we’re on the hunt for alternative methods of showing your support. This time we introduce voting, a super simple system in-game which allows you to collect rewards after reaching a certain amount of vote tokens.

To access our voting system simply run ‘/vote’ in-game which will provide you with three vote links per day which will each give you one vote token. These vote tokens can be used in the /vote shop to redeem various items that can be seen in the gif below.

Here is a look at all the bug fixes and changes we have made over the past few weeks.
  • Cannon optimizations.
  • Anti dupe implemented.
  • Minor payment issues resolved where players would receive multiple of the same package.
  • Fix ranks not applying properly.
  • Fix Obsidian breaker perms in faction land.
  • Spawner mining fee reinstated.
  • Altered price of emeralds to $45 sell price.
  • MCMMO capped, if you're over the cap your mcmmo will be set to the highest allowed amount.
  • Fixed Warcoins not saving properly.
  • Punishment system rehaul.
  • Fixed certain clues not completing.
  • Fixed TreasureMap issues.
  • Fixed water flow at the world border.
  • Loot Crates now single-use if stacked.
  • Flight disabled in combat glitch.
  • Ender Pearling through blocks issue fixed.
  • Ghasts no longer drop ghast tears.
  • TPS optimization.
  • Entity lag reduced.
  • Drop party goal moved to the scoreboard instead of the boss bar.
  • XP merchant prices balanced.
  • Collection chest menu fixes.
  • Fixed teleporting under bedrock.
  • Fixed logging out in enemy faction claims.
  • Classes have been tweaked to match more of how we envision them to be.
  • Fixed player health not showing.

We are looking for video submissions for the May 2020 Newsletter. These videos can be of anything TreasureWars related, this ranges from Raiding and PvP montages to meme edits! The person with the best quality video will win a $20 voucher for the server store. You can send the video submissions to @ThqtGirl.

20% Anniversary Sale
There is a 20% off sale active on the store! Be sure to pick up whatever you need including May's Monthly Chest!

That's it for this update, we hope to see you all on Pirate this weekend.


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