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Whats your favorite realm?

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So i was curious and wanted to see what realm actually is the most populated, obviously i couldn't use just normal player counts on a daily basis because some people do not play anymore or weren't on on that specific day,so i used /baltop and it says "calculating balances of _____ players" and it shows the exact amount of people that have money on them , which means everyone that has logged on each realm. Here are the results

1st- Bandit - 9,077
2nd- Forgotten - 6,397
3rd- Reforged - 6,096
4th- Cursed - 5,734

As the results show according to the baltop, Bandit comes in at a whopping 9,077 players , that is 2,680 more players than 2nd place , and cursed having 5,734 players, therefore being 4th, overall the server has been decently populated, i didnt check last seasons baltop but in total this season we have accumulated 27,304 players over , roughly 3 months.

This post might be a bit useless but i was bored :p
-Yours truly xSkrt

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