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My Introduction

Who Is The Better Bear!?

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Hello, People of Treasure Wars! If you have may of noticed I am a new member of the staff team! As most people have no idea who I am I would like to take my time to introduce myself and make this thread for you guys! Well I will start of with a bit of information!

Firstly my name is Sam and my IGN is GenBear, so if anyone finds me on a server please for sure to message me and say hi! The amount of time I'm on the server varies, but my schedule is EAT, SLEEP, PLAY T WARS, REPEAT! So as an Australian Staff member I will be on when some staff are not. This is a good thing so I can help people when the staff can not!

Outside of Treasure Wars, I am a very good hockey player wrecking everyone in my path! I recently played for my region against the rest of my state! This was fun and I really enjoyed myself! I'm also a member of my areas fire brigade. Being a junior fire fighter, I do sports like running 100 metres and put a hydrant in the ground, or put hoses together in the fastest time!

There are some reasons why I chose treasure wars over other servers I played was because of the amazing community treasure wars has and how supportive they are with everything other people do! Like when someone gets a rank there are GGs in the chat and when someone purchases something it's again GGs all round. It was an amazing community that brought me to who I am today, with some old friends coming from treasure wars that I still play with today!

I will try my best to always be on discord or in game, but I would always find myself mucking around on the forums, so if anyone is needing help with anything, be sure to message me or any of the other helpers with what you are stuck on! If I get messages I will try my best to respond to them (correctly) as soon as possible so no one is waiting!

Thanks for all the GGs from be getting staff and at one point I had 23 alerts!!! How cool is that!! (Not really...) I am really fitting in well with the staff team and it's a pleasure to be working alongside with such talented people. Whether they are bacon, bears, Oreos or gamers, they are an amazing group of people I am thrilled to get this opportunity to staff around with!!

For all those wondering is it worth submitting a staff application. OH YES IT IS! Being on the staff team of a server you play on is awkward at the start when you have no idea what to do, but you get used to it very quickly and I think I have settled in very well! It is so much fun doing things you wouldn't normally do as a player on Treasure Wars!

From your friendly fish catcher,


Thanks to most of the staff team for reading over this!!
(Oh @FluffyBear , I'm the better bear)


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i voted fluffy because his grammar is better

gg dude, hope you enjoy your time on the staff team and i hope to see you around.
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