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My Resignation

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Derp, you were truly amazing. Everything you did was so professional, and the way you conducted the interviews actually blew me away (legit, there's a hole in my wall :()
You were just great, to be honest... Anyways, I hope I'll see you around one day. Good luck with the future. Have fun! <3


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Derp, you were truly amazing. Everything you did was so professional, and the way you conducted the interviews actually blew me away (legit, there's a hole in my wall :()
You were just great, to be honest... Anyways, I hope I'll see you around one day. Good luck with the future. Have fun! <3
Agreed. you were AMAZING. best of luck to you


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Great luck on your future endeavors! Hope to see you back one day on the server if you ever decide that you loved it here. I'm mostly sad to see you leave because you've helped me the most in my time on the server. Anyways, I'll cya on the other side ;)


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Aw man it’s really sad to see you go. I hope you keep in contact now and then. You’ve come so far and have helped me a billion times over our time on treasure wars. Thanks for the time you dedicated to the sever and everything you have done for it <3


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Well this is a thing sorry I missed seeing this earlier my dude. Best of luck and I'm still on steam and other discords if you want to chill


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@cowmoover honestly dude I’m at a loss for words right now of how amazing you are and how much I’ll miss you. I hope you have a wonderful life and I want your Snapchat to keep in touch. Honestly I just love you so much.
In all seriousness, thanks. I can pm you my snap later. You were a good staff member


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Peace out derp, you were a great Sr.mod and admin back when I was staff. Best of luck in your future endeavors!


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Hey adventurers,

Today comes a post i never thought i’d have to make. As of today, I am stepping down from my position on Treasure Wars. This is not an easy post for me to write, as I am the longest standing staff member here. I’m also the longest standing staff member of all time (yes, longer than oreo and manuluke).

It’s been a journey and a half for me. I got Helper on the 16th April 2016. I know, a long time ago, right? Well, let’s take a trip down memory lane…

So, how did I get staff? Well, the answer to that is the shoutbox. I was in there all the time, answering questions and talking to people. I suspect it to be pretty much the only reason I got staff. I was such a tryhard it wasn’t even funny.

Helper Derp, pretty uneventful. Although, the major thing that I did get during this time was the IGN I hold today. Formerly, I was Ultimate_Derp_1. I made some great friends straight away. First of all, @Jkdawg. This man was a tank and taught me a fair bit about Blacklisted mods. Secondly, @Oreopros. Definitely team mum right until Eraze and his team arrived. I also met @Epic__Pig. Man, me and you were such good friends, we don’t talk to much anymore, but you were there when times were hard. Also, Epiales. I highly doubt you check this anymore, but you were there for me and we played lots of games together on many servers. There are so many more. Liz, koda, gamer, dan, fluffy etc etc etc.

I got mod in September. This was huge for me. I ended up doing, and messing up, many ban reports. I did actually count them once, 1142. I counted this when I got Ban Team, so it’s not entirely accurate, but it isn't too far off. I tried so hard during this time. I loved my new responsibilities. Also, this was the period in which i got Adventurer in a rare key. I then started to play again with my brother. Before then, it had been a long time since I had played and, to be honest, I was pretty useless. I had fun though, however, I had mod for the shortest duration, compared to my other ranks.

In October, I got Ban Team. This was great for me as it meant I no longer played and I got loads of extra perms. This was the sort of time when Rhonim and Minecoder left. All I remember is that we certainly had no devs by this point. It may have been earlier (probably was) but I can’t remember honestly. This got me appeals. Now, as for the number of appeals I did, this number is pretty ridiculous. I was a member of the Ban Team (later renamed to sr mod) for 11 months. I was the most active on appeals for a fair chunk of that time (especially after Manuluke was demoted). I did around 5 thousand appeals. I know, sad, but I did it.

After this, Eraze, Eric and Chris joined the team. This was new hope for all of us. We started to get updates and active management and I was starting to enjoy my position again. Logan and Oreo resigned in July and August and Eric took over everything that they formerly did. I always had my eye on recruitment, right from the very start. I started to gain more responsibilities in this area as I was allowed to reject applications and interview candidates. Towards the end of Eric’s time here, I was almost running this myself. During this time, the man, the myth, the weirdo @Jobmaximous showed up. I’ve known this guy a long time. He started to do bug reports (and other stuff, before he yells at me for blaming his promo on bug reports only) and consequently earned a promotion to Sr Mod (Fluffy got promoted at the same time, if I remember correctly).

Finally, after 11 months at Ban Team/Sr Mod, I was promoted to Administrator along with Fluffy and Job in October 2017. I took over applications and i’ve been doing that ever since. Lots of things happened during this time, mainly changes to staff policy etc. Nothing of real interest.

Next up, Eraze left. This was a huge blow for us and is pretty much where we stand today.
Now, the list of appreciation:

@Jkdawg - I credit you with a lot of the reason I got staff. We used to talk in the shoutbox together and you were super helpful when i needed it. Thanks for everything and I certainly would be far more useless without you

@doctorru - oh the memes, I remember when I asked you about my application when I was a lil noob. Good times, we used to talk all the time and we do every now and again, but times change I guess.

@Oreopros - You interviewed me, all I remember about that interview is everyone going mad when I got the ban evading question right and the sheer number of **** jokes. It was mental, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

@liz - We started talking when I got Ban Team, I said many, many silly things to you a long time ago. I remember all the drama that you used to get caught up in, approximately none of it was fun.

@Dan - Damn son, we go way back and you’ve been eating ass all this time. We got promoted to Mod together the first time around, you then got Ban Team, resigned, and now you stand alongside me (or where I stood before today) as an Admin and I could not be more proud. Keep on trucking my dude.

@codenameflip - My dude, you were a fantastic dev and an even more awesome guy. You were an exceptional person to talk to and one of my favourite people ever to pass through this network, and certainly my most favourite dev. You are doing and will continue to do really well. Carry on. :D

@Eraze - You saved this server when no one thought it could be done. You’re the reason I got a red tag and the reason im still here. We didn’t talk much because timezones are horrible, but you’re super chill. Good luck with whatever comes next.

@OhBlihv - You’re a clever guy, you’ve fixed pretty much everything we’ve needed you to fix in a pinch and god knows how you managed to put up with @Jobmaximous for so long. Again, we didn’t talk too much because timezones, but, when we did, you were chill. Best of luck with what comes next.

@FluffyBear - The 2nd longest staff member after me, man, i’d happily call you one of my closest friends. You’ve been a great staff member thus far and you are one of few people that Manuluke plus 1ed in an interview. That in itself is an achievement. I hope we keep playing fortnite together, we may win a game eventually xD

@Jobmaximous - Dude, you’ve had a mad road here. We’ve had very different roads but we are now pretty much in the same place. You’ve done a lot for this server and you’ll do a lot for the next one. I’ll play memeplex with you, I know you need the hours and whatnot now xD. I hope we stay friends forever (no homo) and I know you’ll do something well one day.

@everyone who was staff whilst I was here - Thank you, thank you all for this adventure. You all touched the server and me (not the dodgy way) in a positive way.

@all players - Without you, there would be no adventure. I would happily call many of you friends. Thank you for your determination and understanding over the years.

Finally, I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your support. May our paths cross again on the next adventure, but for now, I bid you all farewell. <3

~ Derp
Sucks to see you go man ;-; it’s been a pleasure working with you not just on Treasure Wars but on other servers as well, I’m sure you’ll do great things in your future endeavors!
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