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NEW Beta release, ban reset, giveaway, and more!

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Beta release, ban reset, giveaway, and more!

Hello Adventurers!

We have been working very hard over the last couple weeks to get Beta out for you guys. This is only the first step in the right direction, we’ve got a lot more coming for all of you in the near future. Stay on the lookout!


We’re prepared to bring you all a legendary experience, we believe everyone deserves a second chance, as well as a chance to play. All punishments will be wiped this Friday in preparation for our Beta release.


We have built a brand new infrastructure from the ground up for TreasureWars. This includes a new backup system with infinite version history from this point onwards, upgraded software and hardware, upgraded and optimized database, and new security measures. Due to the amount of teams that have worked on Treasure Wars and failed in reviving it, the old infrastructure, was completed destroyed. Random files, random packages not in use, and it was a security risk not knowing who did what to them. We are working on rebuilding everything and that starts at the the base. In doing these changes we have also drastically lowered the amount of money it costs to run our infrastructure which will allow us to free up funds to invest in other sectors of Treasure Wars that need improvements.


Beta will release this Saturday, November 10th at 5PM EST / 2PM PST / 10PM GMT.

You can purchase a beta pass for exclusive access for the first week of the realm release here.

Retweet our giveaway tweet and follow us on Twitter for a chance to win a free beta pass! (3x winners)


We’ve completely revamped our Loot Crates, we’ll be bringing you guys new rewards, loot tables, a new crate, and more.


The factions bank is a bank account for the entire faction. It comes with a basic faction permission to allow the owner of the faction to determine who can withdraw from the factions bank. The faction bank is used to determine the monetary faction top value, which has been changed from using player’s balances. This promotes a sense of community in a Faction and hopefully allows for more team play. In addition to this, one of the new rewards for TreasureVaults is to add money to the faction that currently has the vault captured. This should give more incentive to participate and capture the vaults.


We have completely re-written the entire permission system to give the entire network a smoother feel make our permissions system more efficient. Our main goal was to reduce some memory and basic lag issues. Hopefully this will resolve well known issues such as the class gems not immediately applying in-game.


The PlayerVaults system has also been re-written to provide a more fluid and effective experience. We’ve allowed players to customize their vault names, instead of accessing them by integer. Our all new infrastructure will support our new vaults system in ensuring a smooth experience.


You can now report rule breakers and cheaters using /report in-game. This will notify all staff online network wide.


Our main goal was to get beta out for all of you this week. This was a highlight of what you'll be able to look forward to on beta release, we've also made other small changes and optimizations network wide. The team and I have loads more of exciting updates to come. As we move forward and progress through Beta be on the lookout for new, content, optimizations, and more. This is only the beginning, work has already begun and you can expect to see some more thrilling news soon.

We’re excited to see everyone join us this Saturday, November 10th at 5PM EST to begin a new era at TreasureWars. :p

Best Regards,
If you would like to contact me directly with questions or concerns feel free to private message me on Twitter here.



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whens the ban reset?. cause i got banned after it so not fair banned for using a fly boost with cc thats allowed on cosmic.
Beta was kind of fun after a while it was repetitive, but I had a great time. Almost as fun as S1 some pretty good memories :kappa: even met new people! Past is so much better than the present/future.
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