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NEW KoTH and Scroll Crystals UPDATE!

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New Treasure KoTH, Scroll Consumables and Resurgenece Supply Drop
Hello Pirates!

Over the past weeks, we have been working hard to bring you one of our most highly anticipated updates here in a while. We are happy to present Treasure KoTH. This update is the brand new King of The Hill where your pvp and defending skills will be put to the test to capture and collect the all-new KoTH Lootbag. We also have made some additions to the clue scrolls feature that we hope you will enjoy!

Every weekend there will be a total of two KoTHs that occur twice daily. These will take place starting this Saturday at 11 am EST/4pm BST and again at 4 pm EST/9pm BST. To gain access to this event, all you will have to do is teleport to the KoTH warp which can be done with the /koth command. The KoTHs will have a capture time of 10 minutes and will only last for a maximum of 3 hours. This gives players enough time to contest and capture before it closes on them.

Players will be given a KoTH Loot Bag upon capturing. Keep in mind that this item will be given to the player's inventory. This means that whoever captures the KoTH will have the burden of trying to escape with the loot bag safely. The rewards that can be found in the Loot Bag is sorted into tiers from which you will get one item each.
  • #KOTH title
  • Koth Helm

  • Koth Chest

  • Koth Legs

  • Koth Boots

  • Koth Axe

  • Koth Sword

  • Koth Bow
  • #StoneWall

  • AntiKB

  • IAmUnstoppable

  • StrongerThanBedrock

  • KothWasCake
  • 1x Random Boss Egg

  • 1x Washup Summoner

  • 3x Heroic Scrolls

  • 1x Heroic Map

  • War Coins 50-1000

  • 5x Chunk Busters

  • Heroic Pet Clothing

  • 3x Mythic Key

  • 3x Protection Runes

  • 1x Empowered Slot Crystal
  • 50-150 Mcmmo Random Voucher

  • 3x Slot Crystals

  • 2x Mythic Rune Pouch

  • 3-5 Legendary Pet Candy

  • 2x 2x 10min Pet Boosters

  • Sell Token 250-3000

  • 3x Mystery Mob Spawners

  • 10x Obby Gen

  • 10x Sand Gen

  • 15x Cobble Gen

At the KoTH we will also restrict players ability to use certain commands to keep it as balanced as possible and stop players from gaining advantages over others. This is a list of the enabled commands whilst participating in the event:
/f c f
/f c p
/f c a
/f c t

All players participating in the event should still follow the Treasure Wars Rules and anyone caught breaking the rules or cheating the event will be punished accordingly. Players should use /report if they catch anyone cheating and one of the Senior Mods will deal with them as soon as they can.

Ever been disappointed with the rewards you obtained from your clue scrolls? We are excited to announce clue scroll consumables that will make completing your scrolls more rewarding than ever before!

AMPLIFICATION CRYSTALS can be added onto a clue scroll to add an extra clue step that you need to complete to finish the scroll. The benefit of doing this is that you will gain an extra reward of the same tier as the clue scroll you completed. This will give you an extra chance to get the reward you were hoping for.

ENHANCED CRYSTALS can be applied onto each individual clue on your clue scroll and will upgrade the tier of the reward you will receive. You are only able to apply the same amount of crystals as you have clues and when they are applied, there will be a counter at the top of your scroll that tells you how many have been applied. Each crystal you apply will buff the tier of one of the three rewards you receive. If you apply more than three then you will get extra rewards on top of the three buffed rewards.

Using these two new items in unison will surely boost you to the top on Pirate Islands.


Get your hands on this loot packed lootbox that is probably the most OP one we have released yet. Keep in mind that some of the items may only ever be obtained in that weeks Lootbox! Once the weekend is over, the Lootbox, and its treasures, are gone FOREVER! Be sure to check out the new supplydrop here.

We hope you will enjoy this content update as much as we did making it.

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1st. Thanks for creating new content that will probably bring more bugs than needed and not fixing the other ones currently about. +3000 (love you 3000) ;) if you know you know :)


Glad to see Clue Scrolls got a few well needed modifications. Excited to see how the implemented changes turn out.
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