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New More Competitive Realm

New Realm?

  • Yes

    Votes: 2 16.7%
  • No

    Votes: 10 83.3%

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lets admit it, after a couple of months every realm starts to die and players quit waiting for next reset. Maybe there should be a realm that has 2-3 month resets. I've also heard that some players were talking about a hcf realm? Maybe that should be incorporated with this shorter reset realm. Just an idea, personally I would love to play on a realm like this


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If people come back because of this new realm they will obviously play on the new realm and it won't affect the player count on the other "OG" realms at all (unless they also move to the new HCF realm which will make the other realms die even more).


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Turn existing realms more hcf with how you get in after killing people a curtain amount you can build / destroy in there claims


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As mentioned the playerbase of twars cant currently support more realms.... maybe update one realm slightly but a new one doesnt really make sense


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Add realms + introduce more youtubers!
They could support 8 realms if they had the right amount of promotion at their hands, which they never seem to have.


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I think maybe the new reset realms should be made more competitive rather than having a specific realm.
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Hmm I don’t reallt dig it. As @Gunzal has said, we just don’t have the playerbase yet. Making a new realm will suck in players from old realms causing them to die quicker. Not rly smart, maybe introduce ytbers to old realms then maybe new realm? Idk.
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