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Hello everyone

So...I am not even sure if this post wont get delite but. If you look on forums and type @Brawlator you can see that he has “owner” and “discord admin” tag. He used to be a YouTuber on the server and is now owner.And the most intersant thing here is that if you @ him on discord (@brawlatpr#1812) they actually delite your msges and when you ar elike what the heck you get muted for spam. What are they hiding and why do they mute us for deliting our msges not even warning just mute. Whats happening here what are they hiding is my question if you havw any answer pls leave a comment.

I am one of the frew people that right now belives in the server but some times i just question it.

This post dose not mean to go spam him and get muted i did warn you, so don’t blame me thank you.

Thanks for your time.
Not open for further replies.