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NEW Pirate Islands release!

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Hey everyone,

Today at 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST we will be releasing Pirate Islands! If you have not already please follow us on Twitter at @TreasureWars to get live updates and be notified when we do giveaways! Join our Discord to interact with our community at


From 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST today we will be giving all banned players a chance at redemption and offering everyone a free global unban and clean slate. We have decided to do this to complement the release of the first realm on our completely redeveloped server.


There have been a lot of changes to the rules recently that will impact the way the staff moderate the server. We recommend you refresh your memory on a majority of them otherwise you may find yourself in the unfortunate position of getting punished for something you don’t know about. Below you can find the main changes to the rules:
  • Death Threats in public channels are now punishable.
  • Spawner protection is now punishable.
  • TP/TPA Trapping is now punishable.
  • In-Game Scamming is now punishable.

With the removal of the old realms and players still having ranks on them, we have added a rank transfer system to allow everyone to transfer their ranks & classes to a new realm of their choice. The only realm you can transfer to as of now is Pirate. Here is how the system works; When you log onto any one of the lobbies, you will be greeted with a message in chat explaining the system, and giving you notes. As well as that, your old ranks & classes will be “transferred” to the system allowing you to decide where you want them to go next. To get started with your transfers, use the command /transfer, here you will see the option of either Rank or Classes. Once you have clicked either one, all of the available selected type will show up. If you do not have any ranks or classes, nothing will show here however if you do, they will be displayed showing the name and the origin server. To transfer, start by clicking on the desired rank/class, you will then be prompted with a menu showing all of the available servers you can transfer to (only Pirate as of now). Once you have selected the server, you will be asked to confirm or deny your selection. Your selection will be displayed clearly on both the confirm and deny items telling you the name of the rank or class, the server it is being transferred from and the server it is being transferred to. Once you have confirmed, there is no going back on your selection and when you first join the server of choice, you will receive your Rank or Class Gem. If you made a mistake during your selection, you can choose to deny it and no changes will be made.

NOTE: Please make sure to take it slow when using the system to make sure you do not make a mistake. We are not held responsible and will NOT edit your selection if you make a mistake. Make sure to read each section as you go through to make sure you know what is coming next.



During the beta realm, a lot of changes have been made to the PVP to try and balance the gameplay so that it is more enjoyable overall. We believe we’re slowly progressing towards a more enjoyable and balanced PVP system for all players. However, we’re not finished and will be constantly updating the enchants on Beta so keep an eye on the changelogs on our Discord. Here’s a short summary of some of the biggest changes to the enchants that occurred during the beta realm:
  • Modified a lot of the chances for all the enchants to balance pvp
  • Added sounds to a lot of the enchants
  • Added particles to a lot of the enchants
  • Added some cooldowns to enchants to balance them

Again, during the beta period, we have revamped & redesigned inventory pets. Some pets have been removed, changed rarity, changed ability or have been buffed/nerfed. The old system consisted of enchant similar buffs, which did not differentiate pets from enchants. The new pets now have different abilities, different from what enchants do. Here is a list of the changes made to pets:
  • The Chicken pet now gives you an mcmmo exp boost for a short amount of time
  • The Pig pet heals all of your nearby spawned mobs from enchants
  • The Creeper pet has been buffed and more visual effects have been added
  • The Iron Golem pet has had its cooldown increased
  • The Cow pet now negates the Petrify enchant
  • The Spider pet now spawns spider webs on nearby players
  • The Zombie pet buffs all yours and you nearby allies necromancer zombies
  • Phantom rarity added
  • The Beach ball pet is now Phantom
  • The Elf pet is now Phantom
  • The Goblin pet is now Phantom
  • The Nightmare pet is now Phantom
  • The Raider pet is now Phantom
  • The Thanksgiving pet is now Phantom
  • The Valentines pet is now Phantom & has been changed so each hit represents half a heart after a certain amount of time
  • The EXP pet is now Phantom

During the beta realm we have modified the rewards on the Treasure Vaults in attempt to make them more interesting and more competitive. We have also fixed the bugs regarding enchants working in the regions that shouldn’t. For more information visit the following thread by @xDestructive


The faction resources system has had a massive redesign and is now more intuitive than ever. Rather than linking your spawners to a physical chest, which was in the previous system, you now link hoppers together to a virtual collection chest. Your faction is able to create up to 45 collection chests, each having their own settings to edit the name, set a password, filter items and select a region of hoppers. You are able to link as many hoppers as you’d like to each collection chest. From within the collection chest menu, you are able to view the collected items, withdraw them, or use a sell token to sell them.


We have redesigned the player list when you hit tab to give you more information about which players are online at any point in time. It is now sorted by enemies, truces, allies and faction members to provide you will all the information you need, right at your fingertips.


Out with the old, in with the new! The long-lasted shop world has been removed and has been replaced with a clean, easy to use /shop menu allowing you to access the shop from anywhere. You can buy & sell all you need without having to leave your base so you don’t miss out on all the action! When buying and selling, you are able to select an amount you wish to either buy or sell or if you choose to, you are able to buy a full inventory of that item. Along with the general items in the shop menu, you also have access to all of the merchants for easy access.


Cannoning has been completely fixed and will now give you and your fellow faction members the greatest raiding experience you have ever had. No lag, no clip blocks, no problems.


‘B claiming’ is where a corner claim is surrounded by other claims. You may not claim within 20 chunks of a corner claim. To clarify, the corner claim must be EXACTLY in the corner. No deviation will be accepted. This rule will be valid for 24 hours only. Any reports of this rule being broken should be reported directly to Senior Moderators.

If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be subject to the following punishment

1st offence: 24 hour ban

The following faction members will be subject to the above punishment:
- Leader
- All co-leaders
- All moderators


The clue scrolls have also had a revamp, making the rewards you receive much better and more rewarding for what you have to do. Not many visual changes have been made to scrolls & all of the old clues still remain with small changes to some of the clues. No more pesky TNT drops ever again from your heroic clue scrolls!


Treasure coins are now called War Coins! You can no longer get them from washup chests, but they will be more useful in the future. Just wait and see… ;)


We have reworked, and rewritten, a majority of the backend of the network in attempt to allow a more smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone playing the new Pirate realm. Hopefully this will prevent crashes in the future, and allow us to prevent other issues such as dupes.


We have removed the Orc race from the game, with the possibility of re-adding it in the future. This is because we felt that it overlapped a lot with some of the other races and that it didn’t fit with the TreasureWars theme.



Along with clue scrolls, Loot Boxes now have all new loot tables that are more rewarding than ever before. They have also been made slightly rarer and can be found at washups and by defeating rift bosses.


Supply drops are a brand new way of gaining amazing loot everything month. Supply drops can be purchased each month, each containing different loot each time. These drops must be spawned in the warzone & once you have spawned it in, the drop will take 30 seconds to pack up the loot and send it to your location. You will then see the drop above you falling from the sky with particle effects all around it. Once your drop has landed, only the player that spawned it in will be able to open the chest and claim the loot inside. Once the loot has been claimed, the chest will disappear. These can only be purchased from the store.


We have released the new March Treasure Chest on store available as one per person. Make sure to check them out whilst we have our 50% sale active! Enter here for the chance to win a March chest of your own!


Ever had troubles when you and your faction are trying to focus on one player but can’t seem to find them amidst your gank? With /f focus, you will be able to make the player you are trying to focus have a name tag that will stand out making them easier to follow.


You now have the ability to filter certain items to prevent you from picking them up. Rune the command /f filter to set the items you want to block. To toggle the filter on and off, use the command /ft.


Found someone that's breaking the rules? You are now able to use /report to notify all members of staff who will be able to assist you.


Treasure Imps have returned and have been optimized with all new rewards. They will randomly spawn on top of players in the warzone and when hit, they will drop random loot. Beware, each time they are hit they have a chance to teleport anywhere nearby.


Along with the treasure imps, wandering champions will now spawn on top of warzone wandering adventurers. They enjoy throwing players high into the air, so make sure you get good feather falling boots. When killed, they will drop a mythic loot crate to all players that deal enough damage.


We have added a long list of custom Creeper Eggs and TNT that will change the way that you will raid bases on TreasureWars forever. Creeper Eggs and TNT can now be upgraded to improve their capabilities at the TNT and Explosive Merchant that can be found on the /shop GUI. A list of all the new types can be found at

Thank you all for reading this post and we look forward to seeing you all on Pirate! If you have any questions regarding this announcement or in general, please direct them to staff members in the first instance, which you can contact on our Discord here.
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New Member
Happy for the new realm and new features I think Twars needed it
But their are a lot of problems that could have been sorted before the release
But very excited to play this season in NJL faction

  • The Zombie pet buffs all yours and you nearby allies necromancer zombies
Is this saying you get a buff with this pet if near zombies or is it saying it buffs nearby ally zombies aswell?
The update was very disappointing considering how long they took to do it. The change to the enchants are very minor and didn't take much effort to do. Most of the changes would take most developers a few days to complete, and most of these seem like freely available plugins that are available on Spigot. They've bought back new custom mobs which again requires no effort, and changes the drops wouldn't take much time either. Custom TNT and creeper eggs are again nothing new, most servers now have these. Most of the changes are simple edits of plugins that are already here, I'm sure any developer could complete these with little knowledge. Again considering the amount of time this whole update has taken it's very disappointing.
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