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Release Announcement NEW Pirate Islands Season 2 release!

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Greetings adventurers,

We’re pleased to announce that Pirate Realm will be resetting Saturday, July 27th at 3PM EST. We have perfected this map in every aspect to make your TreasureWars journey more enjoyable than it ever was before.


With the reset of the Pirate realm just around the corner we have released an incredible trailer teasing only the beginning of something great.


Pirate Realm Reset: Season 2: Saturday, July 27th @ 3PM EST
  • 30 Man Factions
  • Brand New Warzone
  • Overworld Border: 10k x 10k
  • Nether Border:5k x 5k
  • F-TOP Buycraft Rewards:
    • #1: $500
    • #2: $300
    • #3: $200
  • 20 Chunk Buffer Limit and more!
✤ Trailer Rewards

We are offering rewards for those who decide to reupload the trailer! However, in order to obtain these rewards you must meet certain view requirements on your video. The required views can be seen below:
  • 100 Views - 2x Mythic Keys
  • 250 Views - Custom Title In-game
  • 500 Views - Reset Bundle Pack
  • 1000 Views - Newest Supply Drop
  • 5000 Views - July Monthly Crate
  • 10000 Views - Contact us for further information.

⋆ No Performance Issues
This time around we have set sail for success and we definitely won't be sinking this ship. This will be the smoothest reset in TreasureWars history unarguably, no lag issues will hinder your journey this time as our development team have completely rewritten everything from the ground up.

⋆ Bi-weekly Events
Events will be coming back in a way that has never been seen before. An Admin Box will be taking place before reset and lets just say there will be more than one box. After the reset, more elaborate bi-weekly events will take place. These will simply be mind blowing and hosted every two weeks! They will include all new content and game changing rewards. Stay tuned for our weekly announcements for sneak peaks and further information and dates on these events.

⋆ Mayhem
As we approach the end of Pirate, Season 1 we will be beginning the first stages of mayhem on the 20th. Over the next 7 days from the 20th we will be releasing daily admin items, daily mayhem kits and an admin box which will contain some items that you can claim next season for that added advantage over all your opponents.

⋆ Catacombs
Not every portal spawns you on safe ground, those at the catacombs certainly don’t. Positioning you right in harm's way, these ancient structures harbor some of TreasureWars’ most feared demons. Entering these evil chambers will come at a cost, are you willing to pay the price?

⋆ Brand New Warzone
This time around we have achieved something you can only call perfection and that still doesn’t do it justice. We have completely redesigned the warzone to allow a better PvP experience! We have also expanded the warzone making it a total size of 1000 x 1000 to allow plenty of exploration. Alongside this, we have increased the render distance so you can spot your enemies from much further away and so that you can take in more of our stunning warzone in one glance.

⋆ Rules Rehaul
We understand that the amount of changes our rules underwent started making them a lot more confusing for the players to understand. So this season we have revamped the rules and separated them into easier to understand tiers along with clarifying some rules that just didn’t explain what they meant clearly. We have also decided to begin punishing once again for insiding as it became apparent that an extremely large portion of the server wanted this punishable.

You can view our new rules here.

⋆ Global Unban
With the important rules rehaul we thought it would only make sense to offer a complete fresh start for everyone on the server. Anyone who has been punished over the last season will have their history wiped this reset. Sadly, this global unban will not affect those who have chargebacked or been blacklisted by Management. If you’re worried about your punishment not being lifted please contact our staff on the discord.

⋆ Captain+
This rank is for those that wish to support the server even further, this will be a monthly subscription rank but the benefits will definitely be worth it! Subscribing to this rank will give you access to a monthly kit, the ability to join beta servers with access to early content and multipliers for items such as warcoins amongst other things. Don’t worry this is nowhere near all the perks you will receive with this rank. Head over to our store @ to find out more about our new rank!

⋆ Reworked Rifts
As we stated in the Twitter spoiler, the rifts are back from hell and are ready to rumble the ground you walk upon once again. This time, however, they won’t be as easy to slay and will wield much better rewards. You’ll be kept on your toes with these revamped bosses.

⋆ Heroic Classes
Forged in evil, these classes are only for the most powerful of adventurers, those who dare to dive into the darkness. These new heroic classes will bring a new tier of enchants, the kind of enchants that rain absolute hell upon your opponents.

⋆ Returning TreasurePass, TreasureDiaries & much more
On top of everything discussed above we are also returning some very popular features of TreasureWars. TreasureDiaries, Unique Armor (Galaxy Armor) and the TreasurePass will all be back and ready for a brand new season.

✤ Conclusion
Thank you for reading this announcement and showing us your continuous support, this reset will do nothing but impress. Stay tuned for some awesome new updates after we kick things off with Season 2! As always, live updates can be found by joining our Discord below.

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