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NEW Pirate Islands UPDATES

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Pet Clothing, PVP Changes, and Voting

Ahoy Pirates!

Thank you for your patience last week during the Pirate Islands release. Whilst it didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped the turn out was amazing, and we’re grateful for all the support. We have worked through all of the issues that presented themselves at the time and hopefully have made the overall experience a more enjoyable one.


As we continue to tweak the PVP experience on TreasureWars, we have made some changes that we think are needed to keep the PVP balanced and fun. Here is a list of the biggest changes we have made recently:

  • Lifesteal heals more health on proc.

  • Last Stand was buffed

  • Reinforced has been buffed to proc more often

  • Judgement need better proc chance

  • Swipe and crushing both deal more damage when procced

  • Duel Wield’s proc chance has been increased slightly

Over the past week we have introduced various features that will hopefully make your time on the Pirate Islands more enjoyable. Here is a list of all the new QoL additions we have made:
  • Disable cfs through the command /cf hide

  • Factions are now by default able to have three allies which can be upgraded through /f upgrade

  • Custom Creeper Eggs now have a description that shows what the maximum tier they can be upgraded to is

  • Sell tokens now work with f hoppers by holding them in your hand when right clicking a resource stored in the hoppers

  • You are now able to add colour to your pv names

  • Players are now able to do class gear duels in /duel
Pesky bugs always seem to show no matter how much we try to squash them. No matter, we have mitigated a whole pile of bugs so hopefully they do not infest your pirate ships anymore. Here is a list of all the bugs we managed to squash:
  • Mitigated a bug where players could remove items from the war crates GUI

  • Fixed many issues with clue scrolls such as not receiving rewards or being unable to complete a clue

  • Ore smelter now actually smelts ores

  • Ore smelter now works with explosive

  • Fixed instant teleportation bugs that allowed players to teleport in combat

  • Fixed issues with loot crates not giving items

  • Fixed an issue that prevent players from not being able to delete collection chests

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to warp to places they shouldn’t be able to

  • Fixed issues with reboots making you lose money when cf’ing

  • Fixed permission issues with /fillb, /near, and /class

  • Fixed issues with skills gems

  • Fixed issues with projectiles not interacting with entities like they should be

  • Fixed some spawner fee issues

  • Some issues with /f tntbank have been fixed

  • Fixed some movement issues that prevented players from using their wings
  • Fixed all issues related to mob stacking
  • Fixed container permission issues
  • Fixed regions that allowed player to hit each other where they shouldn't be able to
  • Fixed gifts not gifting when sent to offline players
We have implemented some rule changes that would like for you all to be aware of to make sure you all stay protected with playing on the TreasureWars Network.

1. Insiding

After speaking with many of the community members, we have decided to remove the Insiding rule we recently added. We have come to the conclusion that at the current moment in time it is impractical for us to moderate this rule fairly and effectively. We apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused.

2. Faction Duping
With the recent occurrences of duping issues, we have agreed that if a player in the faction is caught duping, not only will the player be punished with a ban, however, the faction will also receive a faction warn. If the faction receives two warns the faction will be disbanded. We have decided to add this rule because there are many times where the entire faction benefits from a dupe that just one of their faction members completed but are never punished. Bare in mind that this only applies for two separate cases of duping. Hopefully this will limit the amount of players that will abuse such game breaking glitches.

We’ve noticed that gen buckets have quickly become the hot commodity on the Pirate Islands. To help with this, we have brought in some new merchants that seemingly have an endless supply of these glorious buckets. At this merchant you can find all types of gen buckets from cobble to obsidian. The merchant can be accessed through the command /rshop.


Our latest addition to the treasure pets, the pet candies were greatly accepted by the community! We are excited to announce Pet Clothing that can be placed on pets to give them a little boost filled with joy!


Pet clothing is our newest inventory pet feature that can be used to give your favourite pets some extra strength. Pet clothing can be applied onto pets to reduce the cooldown on the ability of the pets. Each tier of pets have different clothing that scale in effect. These clothing pieces can be found in washups and in loot crates. Along with the clothing, we have added clothing shards which can be applied onto either the clothing piece or directly onto a pet with a piece of clothing already attached.


After last week’s successful launch of our weekly supply drops, we have yet another outstanding offering this week….

When you open this you'll be given 5 random rolls of loot, which can include any of the listed items. You'll also receive the 2 bonus admin items guaranteed. This item can be purchased at our server store.

Much like a chunk buster, this new item will clear all the lava and water in the chunk from bedrock to sky limit. These can be found in washups, loot crates and on the server store. Hopefully these Chunk Sponges can be used to aide you all during your base building grind!


This past week we introduced a system where players are able to promote our server in exchange for rewards. By using the command /vote a GUI will open up and allow you to select a link that will take you to a website where you can vote for TreasureWars. After you complete your vote, players will receive rewards in the form of warcoins, utility pouches, item name tags and more depending on your total number of votes.

Thank you all for reading this post and we look forward to seeing you all on Pirate! If you have any questions regarding this announcement or in general, please direct them to staff members in the first instance, which you can contact on our Discord here.

Best Regards,
The TreasureWars Management Team
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