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New rank

Should They Add This?

  • Yes, For Sure!

    Votes: 7 38.9%
  • No Go Back To School

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • Yes but with some tweaks

    Votes: 6 33.3%

  • Total voters
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hey im back playing Minecraft again tvc convinced me...

I want to try ad persuade the team to make a new rank now no its not some new god rank that all fancy instead a rank that im surprised is not in...

Streamer Rank

now there is youtuber rank sure but a streamer like me a smaller one would want to grow and help out the community and I feel like if you stream you shouldn't have a youtuber as youtube and twitch are different

perks: fancy name , helps grow the streamers community , even now and then he will be rewarded with maybe a champion rank to giveaway to active followers and plus the server will finally get knowticed on a different platform

standards : sure like youtube rank you must be at a certain lvl of 'fame'i think twitch does it for you I think to be able to have a streamer rank you should have 'Twitch affiliate ' (which is 3+ average views, 50 followers , stream on 7 unique days stream 25+ hours this awards you with a sub button so you can tell if they are an affiliate if they have a sub button) stream 4+ days a week and reset you can change

I think this will help the community grow as it reaches out to a newer audience and will help the streamer themselves

long time no post ik ill post more now

peace out


I feel this would be a good idea. However, I don't think they can just "give" the ranks out for you to give away. Besides the ranks being just handed out, I like the idea.
i agree. I thought maybe a smaller rank to reward people and maybe it will tend to bring more viewer ship to the person so help reach a brighter audience but that's an opinion I knew it wouldn't be looked at well but then again I would really want this to be added to make this server bigger
guys if you voted no please tell me why I want to know your perspective so I understand why you said no it gives me a better understanding


I agree with that fact you won’t warn me for spam because I agree with you agreeing with me.
I would say that I agree with you agreeing with me about agreeing with you about agreeing with me, but I haven't seen you spam so I can't warn for something I don't see;)


This would help so much with gaining more players and it would also make small streamers strive towards something if they want the rank. +1
im just saying 10/13 people want it so do I like get the hint next season ;0 and if you need with it iill make more points
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