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New Spawners Suggestion!

Should these spawners be added?

  • Yes.

  • No.

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What would they be?
My idea is to add a Mooshroom Spawner and a Villager Spawner.

What would they drop?
I think the Mooshrooms would drop red or brown mushrooms and the selling price of these items would be around $20-25 a mushroom to make them a bit better than an IG, but not quite Ghast level. An indifferent idea for Villagers would be to have them drop 1-4 of a random gem/ingot when they die. I think this would be an enjoyable mechanic as it would add some randomness to how much wealth they could make for someone.

How much would they cost?
I think the cost of the Mooshroom spawner would be $2,500,00 to place them in between the IG and the Magma Spawner. The Villager Spawner would be somewhat above or below the Ghast, depending on the spawn rate and the drop rate of each gem/ingot.

I believe they would make a great addition to the server because they wouldn't be too troublesome to implement, and would provide some added content and progression to the server. I think they would be easy to manage and shouldn't have too many bugs with them to have to deal with.

Edit (For any staff that may be looking at this, it was a Discord suggestion and was put in Gitlab already. I just wanted some feedback on my idea so I put it here, as well.)
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