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One word story Volume 2.

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So ages ago Miss @Deamatrix made a one word story thread it was pretty fun so I thought we could start volume two.

The way it works:

What you do:

- You read the comments above yours
- Add a word that makes sense following the comment above
- You cant do two comments in a row, but you can comment more than once if there are other peoples comments between your new one and your last one.

What I do:

- Each day take the comments and put them into the story (in order)
- Add punctuation, change up the grammar and occasionally add a word so it makes sense
- Tag anyone who's name comes up in the post
The story so far:
Once upon a time @Envyful ate your dog. He Regurgitated @Amaan And now, zoinks! He has aids :(. Then his bogeys imploded inside his rectum which gobbled up children and the women. He heard a voice saying "this is Jesus, @Nelly is smelling really weird and also like Hogwashed orange" and then
@logon1027 denied his staff application but @Envyful ate his ass. Then @Felixthecat7 returned and liked Liposuction also Raided your ass then raided your blindfolded mother and stole the treasure udders and sucked them off. The next day @Huli ate the chicken from Bandit and @FluffyPlays hit him in the nether region until he was eating bananas.This really annoying rat tried to steal @ArielRules97 Jr. Mod. So she got chlamydia and queefed the game up then engulfed my epic sword which was like a big, long, thick password which started a paragraph about stew. Then, the @StingrayHunter slapped spider man's hormones. Then spooderman screamed
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