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One Word Story :)

Should I Try To Make A Book Out Of This?

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I'm Going To Write The Story On The First Post Whenever I Get On.
(Skipping Some Posts And Adding Commas/Periods/Words To Make Sense Of It All)
Tagging People That Are Tagged In Comments
(Hint: With The New Ratings.... Farm Some Dislikes For Me)
One Day The Story Ended And Another Began When Studs Ate Food With Some Wrestlers. Had Indian Clothes That End Their Meal, So They Smelled Like Urine. Crackers Are The Best For Wild Zebras When They Taste Urine. They Like A Lot Of Pork Until The Avocado Pooped Out Of Chickens. Then Everyone Had To Praise A Tomatoe Because They Fart Hungry Blobfish. Slug's Hat Is Inside The Butt Of Angel Oreopros. So Konn3ct Said Will Oreopros Be Evil? Actually, Ummmm, Angel's Butt Hair Moves Nicely In Mud Of Puddle. Bahti Jumped Into The Gigantic Gap Which Had A Giant Plate Holding The Key To Heaven. But, Necromancers Took ShiimeySoccer10. Now The Poor Bunny Could Walk Down the Table. A Devil Tripped, Because He Saw Ladies In The World. Barney Stopped Taking Drugs Because It Wasn't OG Or Sexy. HackerCubed Then Went Skiing With Bats In The Top Of The Pickles And Killed Winston At Some Mountain. Then, Zombies Broke Down The Sears Tower, Then Logon1027 Found A Big Golden Apple In Pig Wings With Brown Leaves. Then Bill Higginbottom Sat By Chicken's Poop, So It Jumped Skips Off A Rock That Burned Cake. But Having Three Custards Was Silently Dying. But Then, Leopards And Dragons Ran Or Flew To The Core Of The Volcano While Treasure Wars Is Happening This Moment. Hazza Was Killing Innocent Assassin's Pets That Did Drugs And Went To The Mega Mall When Bats Swarmed Shop Of Swords. Ethan45320's Butt Flew Out Of His Pants. Are Dogs Allowed By Ravdav? He Likes Eating Big, Crunchy And Fat Cocktails And Burgers. Bunnies In The Forest Of That Dog That Ate A Bag Of Beans Soaked In Its Fruit And It Went To The Real Big, Mean And Cute Metal Cock To Ask You, "What Are Those?!?!?!" Then The Unicorn Said, "Oh Fiddlewiggle, Why The Sausage Would You Sniff That Thing Of Fudge?" So Blacks Would Go To The Thrift Shop To Get The Things That Were Good And Bad. Both Of The Ultimate Jeff Went To The House. They Went Back To Their Big Mom That Slayed Cats. Dad Went To That Weird Place And Then Someone Killed The Fat Old Man Who Was Gay Back When People Were Going To The Zoo In Their Backyard Garden If He Made A Cake, A Pie, And A Chicken Stew. They Ate The Nuts From The Monkey That Wasn't Straight Understanding Why He Wasn't Dead Or Alive When An Invisible Vikk Was Running Near The Big Cake That Lived By The Ocean And He Only Tried Doing It When The Creepers Blew Up. His Head Rolled Down A Hole By The Road That Was Closed When People Jumped Down Into The Urine Whilst Going Up The Portal To The Rune Master. He Sucked Some Slime Balls From These Realms In The Basement Of The House That Exploded Babies. Then Something Exploded In The Ocean That Was Enchanted. Adam Went Up The Big Explosion By Your House Which Sucked Up All The Nuts Too Hard For Oreopros' Cookies. So Deamatrix3735 Is In A Place Far Beyond The Pie And Cake Cows That Had to Make Milk For Mothers Before The Day Ended Up Through Your Noose That Exploded In The Glorious Egg That Cracked When The Fugly Guy At The Place Where The Cat Melted The Bank When Magma Killed My Grandfather Whilst Eating Scones With Me. When A Dragon Came In, The Tremendous Spam Killed The Ugly Duck With Five Golden Eyes Who Eats Whale Eggs Every Day When Children Went Inside The Condo From The Faction Who Was Little Called Dumbo Ants. They Had An Inch Where All The Camels Ate Mom's Water To Go 100 Miles North Of Korea When Elephants Flew Over The Kingdom That Is Only Allowed To Only Fly When Someone Slides It To The DMs On The IPhone Had A Big App. Then It Was Corn That Can Be JackDaSlime And He Ate Slime Balls When He Is Going On About His Favorite Video Which Has A Big Slimy JackDaSlime Swimming In Mud, So He Went To A Big Party Castle Called Glutinous Manor. One Day, Kodashi Saw A Pencil Going Into Logon1027's Chest From A Big Pineapple That Talked To The Big Spongebob Who Became Friends With Oreopros Who Went With Where Pie Was Later Arrested. So, I Sold Some Axes To Eat A Big Peanut Shaped Phone Elephant. It Then Cheesed A Girl, Kodashi, Who Ate Pie When Her Pickle Went Into The Big Bad Soccer Pro's Cleats That Died While Inside A Cave That Was In The Mountain By The Tree That Went To That House. Eventually, He Died And Then Came A Pelican That Found NBCrafter109, The Ugliest Alien That Ever Lived. Surprisingly, HeyImLiz_ Detonated A Pig That Wanted To Cheese Eggs At January, So At A Place Where That Big Chickens Roamed Around The Mc'Donalds Right After 11:11, Which Was By The Big House That Exploded When The Wild Koala Exploded Before It Grew The Christmas Bird Wreath. The Pickle That Happened To Be The Deamatrix That Flew Into The Skies And Saved Rhonim From Fairies With Hacks, So I Killed Chuck Norris But Russians Came With Nuclear Otters . Suddenly, A Wild Seb Began Munching On The Oreos. Then He Tamed A Wild Lion Named Barkevious Who Liked Logon1027 And Loved Potatoes, And Then Licked The Hell Outta NightHawk7201. Meanwhile, Harpo518 Raced Narwhals Until Crock Shot At A Nord With A Rifle And Ran to Poojan's Place To Go To Danker Memes That Rock The Daddy. It Went Backwards Until Sonex Went With Poojan's Dad And Ate With Dragons And It Ended Badly. The Poojan's Magic Said, "Squirt The Mighty Sword Went Out And Smacked It Easy With Ice Cream Off Kodashi, Then She Complained About Pies Until The World Exploded, Which Caused Poojan's To Explode, Which Resulted In A Genjutsu Ninja Itachi, Who Died In A Battle Fighting Sasuke. A Tree Went Bantering When A Dancing Blank Dropped The Bass, Then Stuffed A Dad Into the Dragon Tail. Prom got Squishy When Oreopros Put A Turtle In The Cats That Performed Surgery To Demonic Aura That Commented Over Spam That Became A Orangutan Star Unicorn That Cowed Brandon When A Moose That Liked Satan Also Danced On A Pineapple. So, The Pole Went To My House And Ganged Up To Her House, Then The DMs Slid Into The Place. However, Mr. Bean Went To Prizz, So He Pronounced That Oreopro's Dog Ran To That
If We Can Fill Up My Screen With This Story, I'll Go Write This As A Book.
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