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Event Pirate Islands PongWars Event

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TreasureWars Presents: PongWars

Greetings Adventurers!

We are proud to present our newest TreasureWars event: PongWars! Destroy the gods of the realm with your amazing skills and claim the treasure hidden behind each cup.

What is this event?

The rules are simple: the first team to ender pearl into every cup on the opposite side wins.

This event will be faction vs faction where 2 players from each faction are nominated to duel against other factions in a playoff-style matchup. There will be a total of 8 factions competing and the contestants will be drawn out of a hat in 24 hours. We will be making a bracket public once the teams have been decided. To have a chance to enter the event, please message @Kandy#2290 on discord with your faction name and the two players that are competing for your faction.

Each side has two podiums, one for each player to stand on and launch their ender pearls from. It will work on a turn by turn basis where both players on each faction will get a chance to throw an ender-pearl. If both players in the faction land in the cup, you both get a chance to throw again. If either one of you misses, the turn will end there and move to the other team. The game will end once all cups on one side have been taken.

Here is an example of what one turn of PongWars looks like.

How do I get there?

To get to the event join the pirate realm, and use the command /warp event.

What are the prizes?

Golden Knife
Galaxy Class
Exclusive Admin Items
Mcmmo Vouchers
War Keys
Pet Eggs
& much, much more…

Disabled Commands/Features

/f warp
/f setwarp
/f allywarp

When is the event?

The event will occur on April 4th and April 5th at 2PM EST/7PM BST. For those unfamiliar with these timezones, we have set up two live countdowns to make sure you don’t miss it! Finally, we would like to thank @G00NSQU4DFTW for all the hard work he has done in creating this event.

Good luck to all of those who are participating, we hope you enjoy!

Live Countdowns:

April 4th

April 5th


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This is great, but I would like to see an event where everyone can participate in (and not eliminated by chance)
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