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Pirate Islands: The Race Update


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Greetings Adventurers!

As you all know, 3 weeks ago we temporarily shutdown the network to give us a chance to take a look at what the issues are on TreasureWars and how they can be solved. During this time we have worked non-stop to solve the core issues of the network.

Race Update

The biggest thing we have been working on is a massive reworking of the Race system here on TreasureWars. It has been a staple of the server since 2015 but was never fully taken to its potential. We have spent months brainstorming how we can possibly make it the best update possible and we are so excited to share with you all what we have been working on.


Out with the old and in with the new. This coming Pirate Season will not have the mcMMO you are all used to. This season we are introducing a whole new take on the skills of TreasureWars. With this reimagining of the system, we have been able to craft something that ties in heavily with the core aspects of TreasureWars. Here is a look at what skills will be available:
  • Dexterity Max Level 30
    • Abilities
      • Jellylegs: You take level*3% less fall damage
      • Dodge: You have a level/2 chance to dodge any player damage event.
  • Archery Max Level 30
    • Abilities
      • Boss Sniper: You bow shots will do Level*3% extra damage to bosses.
      • Skill Shot: Level/3% chance to stun enemy with your bow shots for 3s.
  • Beastslayer Max Level 50
    • Abilities
      • Boss Slayer: Deal level*2% extra damage to all mobs.
      • Beast Master: You will gain Level*0.5% extra XP from mobs
  • Farming Max Level 30
    • Abilities
      • Lucky Seed: A level*3 chance to double the drops from fully grown crops
      • Perfect Crop: Crops that you sell to the /shop will be worth Level/2% more
      • Nature’s Gift: You gain 1 extra heart.
  • Mining Max Level 30
    • Abilities
      • Lucky Touch: A level% chance to get double drops from ores
      • Gladiator's Shield: Gain Level/5% damage resistance.
  • Foraging Max Level 50
    • Abilities
      • Sovereign Blacksmith: Your runes will have a Level*0.1% extra success chance and a Level*0.1% lower destroy chance.
      • Fortunate Forager: There is a level*0.1% chance that your rune will not be consumed on application.

Race Skills, Knowledge & Combat
You will find that when you log in, there will be a Nether Star in your hotbar. This is your passageway to the Race Update. After choosing a race, you will have the option to select one of three variants unique to each race by either clicking on the Nether Star or using the command /info.
Each variant has it's own unique ability and a set of 15 skills in a Skill Tree. In total, there are 135 different skills between all 3 races along with 9 different abilities. Below this post you can see all three skill trees so you can get started with making your decision. You can progress through the skill tree by obtaining knowledge through completing the Daily Quests and Seasonal Quests that are available to view in the /info menu. Knowledge is used to upgrade your Combat Level which can also be viewed in the /info menu.
Every 5 levels you will gain access to the next tier of the skill tree on route to level 25 where you will gain access to the highest tier skills. The Nether Star is also how the Race Ability can be used. Each Ability has it's own cooldown upon usage. There are also different ways that you can use the ability which can be controlled using /settings. You are also able to turn off the Nether Star for when you are out of PvP and don't want it to be intrusive in your hotbar.

Weekly Race Competition
Each week, players from the three races will be competing to complete a set of 5 challenges that are unique to each week. Upon completing a challenge you will gain points that will add to your ongoing race total. The race with the most points will receive a perk for the next week.

Some of you may remember that we once had TreasureVaults on our network but have been missing for quite some time. They are now back and better than ever before. Our Alpha Team spent many weeks working on brilliant builds optimal for the intense PvP that we expect to go down in the Vaults.

What are TreasureVaults?
TreasureVaults are similar to KoTH where there is a platform that a faction will stand on and try to claim for themselves. The key differences are that TreasureVaults are available around the clock and consist of 2 capturing stages, a neutralization period and claiming period . Along with this, TreasureVaults are faction based, not player based meaning that you and your faction must work together to fend off the other factions trying to capture the Vaults for themselves.

How do you Capture a TreasureVault?
A faction can attempt to claim a Vault by having members stand on the capping area. The more members of that faction standing on the vault the faster the capture time. Once a faction does this, the capture percentage will increase on route to 100%. If a faction earns 100% capture status, they will now control the vault and have access to the perks it provides. If another faction is contesting the capping area at the same time, the capture will stop pause until they are removed from the cap.

What do I get for Capturing a TreasureVault?
There are 4 tiers of TreasureVaults each with their own builds, perks and niches. Here is a look at all 4 and what you can expect from entering them.

Ender Knight TreasureVault
In this TreasureVault, no custom enchants will be allowed to work. This means that only normal Minecraft enchants will have an effect.


Perks for Capturing
  • 5% chance that a slot will not be consumed when a rune successfully applies.
  • 2x XP from /armormerchant
  • 1.5x XP from mobs
  • $25,000 added to faction bank every 5 minutes
  • Ender Knight spawns every 2 hours
Magma Lord TreasureVault
In this TreasureVault, only custom enchants uncommon and lower will be allowed to work.


Perks for Capturing
  • 5% chance that a rune will not be consumed on successful application
  • 1.25x XP from mobs
  • 50% Less XP required for /wizard
  • 15 Warcoins to warcoin bank every 5 minutes
  • Magma Lord spawns every 2 hours
Creeper King TreasureVault
In this TreasureVault, only custom enchants rare and lower will be allowed to work.


Perks for Capturing
  • 5% increased success rate on runes
  • 1.75x XP from mobs
  • 25% less damage from bosses
  • 250 TNT added to TNT Bank every 5 minutes
  • Creeper King spawns every 2 hours
Necromancer TreasureVault
In this TreasureVault, all custom enchantment tiers will be allowed to work.


Perks for Capturing
  • 25% more damage to bosses
  • 1.25x XP for Skills
  • 10% more knowledge from quests
  • No /cf tax
  • Random rift every hour
As you can tell, all 4 Vaults hoist names of bosses that you may remember have ravaged the world of TreasureWars in the past. They have found their way back once again…..

$1100 /f top Prize
This season we are introducing an f top prize of $1100 split between the top 3 Pirate Islands factions. Here is a look at the breakdown of the rewards:

1st Place: $500 USD PayPal

2nd Place: $400 Buycraft Voucher

3rd Place: $200 Buycraft Voucher

If the season playercount exceeds our expectations, we will consider increasing the 1st place prize up to $1000 USD PayPal and potentially have rewards for 4th and 5th place factions.

30% Server Store Sale
To celebrate the return of TreasureWars, we are doing a 30% off sale that you can all take advantage of here!

Duplication Exploits
For those that find and report a duplication exploit at any point throughout the season will be rewarded with money depending on the severity. This will include PayPal money for extreme game breaking issues. We hope that this will entice players to report these issues rather than abusing them because any faction that is found abusing a duplication glitch will become ineligible to win the /f top prizes that we have available and individual players will be punished accordingly.

We are excited to see you all on the Pirate Islands!
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Hey, I got permanently banned for something I shouldn’t, I was using the run like the 90’s and jump 3 boots and someone sent a video of me in using them and thought I was hacking, can I please get unbanned, thank unsername is crazyjoey2003