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Pirate Islands Upcoming Reset Information!

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Greetings Adventurers!

The time has come for the reset of Pirate Islands! We have been working hard on getting ready for the upcoming reset of the Pirate Islands! The next few days will be an action packed adventure as we prepare for one last action packed week on the Pirate Islands. From drop parties to the destruction of the Warzone, these final days of Map 4 will have it all.

Pirate Islands Reset

On Saturday May 2nd @ 4 pm EDT/9 pm BST, the Pirate Islands will be resetting, so get ready for some Mayhem that begins 5 days prior to reset! It is sure to be a blast!

Next Saturday is also a special day for us here at TreasureWars as it marks our 5 year anniversary since opening back in 2015!

5 days before reset Mayhem will ensue! What's mayhem is what some of you might be wondering. Mayhem will be a mix of chaos, free loot, free gear, and some other goodies. There will be free signs around the spawn to start the chaos. The gear and kits available on the day of reset is when the real mayhem will begin. There will also be different kits that progressively get better as we get closer to reset. The realm will go out with a bang ending in the obliteration of the warzone! All loot tables will be infused with OP gear and items that you will be rewarded with.

Items Available During Mayhem:
  • OP Gear
  • Enderpearls
  • Golden Apples
  • Diamond Blocks
  • Golden Knives (final day)
  • TNT (for final Warzone destruction)
Reset Details

Pirate Islands will reset will on May 2nd at 4 pm EDT/9 pm BST!

What WILL be kept after the reset:
  • Ranks
  • Classes
  • Contraband Classes
What WILL NOT be kept with the reset:
  • Cash Balance
  • mcMMO
  • Inventory/PV Contents/Echest
  • Bases/Land/Claims
  • Pets
  • Factions
Q. Will my ranks and class received from scrolls and war crates be reset?

A. No, all ranks and classes that you have gained from completing scrolls or that have been rewarded from war crates will be transferred over.

Q. Will I keep the cash and mcmmo that was received when I bought my rank?

A. No, you will only keep the rank itself and the kits that go with them.

Q. Will factions be disbanded/reset with the Pirate Islands reset?

A. Yes, factions will be disbanded when the server is reset.

Q. Will I be able to keep my player vaults?

A. No, all ingame items including items in your /pv will be reset.

Q. Will I get all the consumables I purchased from the store again.

A. No, any consumables like chunk busters will not be returned to

What to Expect on Reset Day
Take up arms and join your brethren in a fight that threatens mankind. Slay the forces that pour forward to draw out the bosses that defend the portal, for only with his death will the Rift close. Fueled by the Nether forces, these creatures will stop at nothing to see our World burn.
Will Humans, Dwarves and Elves stand together to help close the Rifts that threaten this world?
Only time will tell.


The Necromancer has been in hiding for over a year as it rested from the onslaught of adventurers that prevented it’s claim on the world. It has now returned stronger and faster than ever before and is looking for blood. You and your fellow adventurers will be tasked with stopping the evil Necromancer once again as it tries to claim the waters of Pirate Islands.

Countless Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements
The amount of bugs we have been able to smash over the past few weeks has been incredible and we are excited to share with you the bug free experience we all know you have been looking for.

The list goes on and on but, here is a look at the biggest fixes you can expect:

Rune Fixes
  • Explosive
  • Ore Smelter
  • AutoLoot
  • Thor
  • Eye Patch
  • Exp Drain
  • Plunder
  • Slaughter
  • Shadowstep
  • (a lot more)
Performance Improvements
We have upgraded all aspects of the server to ensure a lag free experience on TreasureWars. This means close to 20 TPS at all times.

PvP Rebalancing
Along with the runes that now work as intentional we have tweaked a lot of the numbers on enchants to make sure pvp is slightly more balanced and overall more enjoyable. This includes making runes stack as initially intended. If you have more of the same enchant on your set, the effect of the enchant will be buffed.

Return of the Auction House
We heard your requests and have decided to revert back to the old Auction House you all know and love. It will function very similarly to how you all expected from previous seasons and should make it's way back into a staple feature on TreasureWars.

Coinflips are back and ready to steal your money as you try to flip to fortune. It’s as simple as running the command /cf to open up the GUI that allows you to select who you would like to challenge to a Coinflip match.

30% Anniversary Sale
To celebrate both the reset of Pirate Islands and our 5th Anniversary, we will be having a 30% sale starting on reset day.

We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday to celebrate our 5th anniversary with our reset of Pirate Islands.


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