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Pirate Islands: Upcoming Reset Information!

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Greetings Adventurers!
The real world has been a difficult time, but we hope that the Pirate Islands reset is something you can all look forward to.

Pirate Islands Reset
On Saturday June 13th @ 4 pm EDT/9 pm BST, the Pirate Islands will be resetting, so get ready for some Mayhem that begins 5 days prior to reset! It is sure to be a blast!
5 days before reset Mayhem will ensue! What's mayhem is what some of you might be wondering. Mayhem will be a mix of chaos, free loot, free gear, and some other goodies. Look forward to the return of the Golden Knife in some of the loot tables including Washup and Cluescrolls. The realm will go out with a bang ending in the obliteration of the Warzone! All loot tables will be infused with OP gear and items that you will be rewarded with.

Reset Details

Pirate Islands will reset will on June 13th at 4 pm EDT/9 pm BST!

What WILL be kept after the reset:

  • Ranks
  • Classes
  • Contraband Classes
What WILL NOT be kept with the reset:

  • Cash Balance
  • mcMMO
  • Inventory/PV Contents/Echest
  • Bases/Land/Claims
  • Pets
  • Factions
Monthly Items
Anyone that purchased June's TreasureChest or TreasurePass will have them reinstated in their /confirm menu for reset. We understand that those who bought it may feel that this reset will impede their progress so we will make sure that you all have these monthly items returned to you.

Q. Will my ranks and class received from scrolls and war crates be reset?

A. No, all ranks and classes that you have gained from completing scrolls or that have been rewarded from war crates will be transferred over.

Q. Will I keep the cash and McMMO that was received when I bought my rank?

A. No, you will only keep the rank itself and the kits that go with them.

Q. Will factions be disbanded/reset with the Pirate Islands reset?

A. Yes, factions will be disbanded when the server is reset.

Q. Will I be able to keep my player vaults?

A. No, all in-game items including items in your /pv will be reset.

Q. Will I get all the consumables I purchased from the store again.

A. No, any consumables like chunk busters will not be returned to

Anti-Cheat Unban All
All players that have been banned by our Anti-Cheat will be given another chance to play on the server. Despite the heavy progress we made with the Anti-Cheat and how many hackers it picks up. We know that there is the occassional false ban. Anyone that was banned by a member of the staff team will remain banned.

As we approach reset day, we will be having some teasers regarding some of the new features you can expect to see next season. Also, on the day of reset we will be releasing full patch notes. Be sure to stay tune to our Twitter and Discord to stay up to date.

We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday to celebrate with our reset of the Pirate Islands.
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