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Pirate RELEASE, PLUS Global Unban, Anti-Cheat & Rank Purchase Changes


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Greetings Adventurers!
It’s finally the day of reset and we’re just as excited as you are to see what the future of TreasureWars holds for us all. We’ve got some major announcements to make regarding this reset.

Performance Reset
Reset this time around is heavily focused on performance and stability, this sadly means that all the content we teased in the trailer won’t be immediately on Pirate the moment we release it however over the course of the next few weeks we will be focusing on content once we have a stable platform that you can all enjoy.

Global Unban
Yes that’s right, everyone and we mean everyone, apart from those who charge back, have been unbanned from the server and discord. Make sure to come online and join in on the fun with the reset of your friends. If you’re still banned on the forums please contact a member of staff immediately.

Rank purchase changes
As you all may of previously known, when you purchased a rank from our server store you were given a rank quest and with that you had to survive in the warzone without being slaughtered. We have reverted the way ranks are given to you and all ranks purchased from the store will be automatically applied to your account. If you have previously purchased a rank on our store the price of the next rank up will be discounted.

We’ve really upped our game since our last reset, we’ve listened to you all and we’ve invested in a worthwhile anti cheat. This Anti-Cheat will prevent most movement hacks and v-clipping, alongside this it will auto ban any player that decides to go ahead and use said blacklisted modifications on the server. If you are punished by the anti cheat and feel like it was an unfair punishment please submit a punishment appeal on our forums

Reset Deals
As some of our more eagle eyed community members may have already noticed, we have added three reset booster packages onto the server store focused around the three main types of faction players. We’re also currently hosting a 25% sale on our server store so make sure to get the best deals before it’s too late!

Important Reset Information

Some points we’d just like to make clear before you restart your journey on TreasureWars are:

  • /wild will be disabled for the first 24 hours of reset.
  • B - Claims will not be allowed for the first 24 hours of reset.
  • Only ranks and classes that have previously been applied will carry over to the new realm of Pirate.
  • There will be no end warp this time around.
  • There will be a grace period of 24 hours where no raiding will be allowed. All TNT and creeper eggs will be disabled.

We hope you all enjoy starting a fresh journey on TreasureWars, stay tuned for more updates over on our discord!


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This is actually the definition of beating a dead horse, but you can't even tell what the horse originally looked anymore.