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Player Report Format and Information

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Treasure Wars Reports Format and Information
Found someone breaking the rules? You've come to the right place! The reports forum allows players to submit a report against someone whom they may think are breaking the rules or are not following the general guidelines on the server.

When submitting a report, it's essential to keep a few things in mind. First of all, all reports are public unless you submit a confidential report where so you don't have to worry about your friends being mad at you for reporting them. Secondly, you must make sure that you have valid evidence against them.

What is considered valid evidence?
A: Unedited videos which are recorded in substantial quality so our team can easily point out where the offense was taken. (Ex: hacking)​
A: Videos which are unedited and clearly show that the player is using a hacked client. (Ex: Head snapping to players in pvp)​
All evidence submitted in a report must NOT be removed or altered after the report has been submitted/accepted. Anyone caught removing evidence will be punished. This includes removing, privating or editing a youtube video used for a report. Alongside this, all evidence must be full screen, if recorded on a mobile device then you must show all four corners of your minecraft client at some point in the video.
Videos must be a minimum of 30 seconds or longer for AFK hackers. Please meet this minimum so our staff can validate that the player is using an illegal client.

Report Format

Q: What is your Username?
What is your Minecraft Username.
Q: What is the Rule Breaker's Username?
What is the Minecraft Username of the player whom you're reporting.
Q: Time and Date?
When did this offense occur.
Q: Reason?
What is the reason why you're reporting this player.
Q: Evidence and Proof?
Please include sufficent videos and further proof regarding this report.
Q: Realm?
What realm did this occur on.
Q: Timestamps?
If you used a video for evidence, please provide timestamps for when the offense occured.

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