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Please return TreasureWars to it's formal Glory!

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Over the past 2-3 years the amount of stuff to do on treasure wars has dwindled down to simply grinding heroics, grinding exp and if your faction has the numbers, fight for TVs... And i'm not sure if you know this but that's simply not enjoyable and will not keep a consistent player base. In previous seasons of treasure wars leading all the way back to 2015 there was always something interesting or rewarding to keep your self busy as you attempted to rise to the top of the factions leader board. Below you will find a list of things old treasure wars used to have and that should be used again and be added as Weekly Updates.

» Rift Tokens

» Necromancer Armor (so players can achieve Special Sets without p2w)

» Old Warzone Bosses - Magma Lord, Balanced Wandering Champions, Phantom of the Brotherhoods, Rifts (All of which drop Rift Tokens)

» Rift Token Shop - Includes all Keys Spawners Loot Crates and other possibilities

» Being Able to Pull The Golden Knife from Heroics

» Adding Back Mythic Keys to Washup, Random Class Gear, Maxed Runes, Rift Tokens
- When these items were in washup a lot more players attended Washup making it so no player would get a "OP" amount of loot Balancing the higher value loot tables

» Admin Box Events - Includes loot such as a monthly crate, buycraft voucher, Diary pass, Special armor set Spawners Custom tags other items otherwise unattainable

» More Events and more New Content - Create new Daily Events such as KoWZ (King of The Warzone) TreasureWars own twist on Koth or LMS events

»New Class Releases along side those a new enchant and have a few events following that where a boss is spawned and whoever has the most damage gets that class gem or a chance to get it

»Black Market Auction - Explained Below


Rift Tokens where never able to obtained is mass quantity quickly, Bosses would drop 2-3, Magma Lord Dropped 4-5, and completing a rift would reward you with 4-5 aswell I believe.

One Random Piece of Necro Armor was rewarded to the person who landed last Hit on necro

Old Warzone Bosses were not able to kill someone in a maxed 40 Lore set and had only 300 Health and dropped Mythic War Crates not Rare crates making them more worthwhile of a grind

Rift Token Shop had Every Type of key Every Type of Crate besides heroic Random Spawners and higher tier spawners such as IGS, ghasts and magmas were not a thing back then but could also be added to this shop since they are not in /shop also included Prot Runes and slotties

When obtaining Rift tokens from Washup crates you got 1-3, and with adding higher value items like stated above more players will come to washup so no one singular player will receive all the higher value items balancing it out.

Adding more events such as admin boxes, KoWZ(Twars Koth), lms, and Class Drops keeps the players interested in the game and new enchants with the class drops could create meta changes that keep the grind going.

Another Honorable mention that is featured on other servers I've played is the Black Market Auction or /bah. This feature allows staff to create a loot table of items that include on the rarer items such as Treasure Diary, Mythic Keys, Monthly Crate, Class Gems, God Rank, Golden Knife. Now items such as god rank and Golden Knife would only appear once every week or more. And items such as the treasure pass and monthly crate only once every few days to keep it balanced. Also not every item will be as OP as the ones listed above you could also add IGs, Rename Tags, Slotties, Prot Runes, Scroll Skips, Heroic Scrolls, Ghasts, Creepers, Warcoins, Or Items within the Monthly crates like Switch Snowballs Faction Boosters, this helps the server not be a p2w server creating opportunities for every player.


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They should just change the coinshop & how the bosses work, no point in changing the whole system.
+1 for the rest


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+1 Rifts brought alot more things you could do in game and they should be added to the WZ rather than the TV's and there definitely needs to be more events as we were told we were going to have the maze event on the 19th of September but we still haven't even got that yet. Believe it or not these kinds of postponements and delays have an affect on the player base too.
On the whole these suggestions are facts and you'd rather implement some of these quickly, before it's too late.


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+1 most of the ideas, and the fact that it makes washups and rifts worth doing again is what the server needs. Most definitely needs more updates and minor bug fixes too


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Just to make sure no one thinks we're ignoring the you guys. We've read this thread and will be picking things out from it to improve and restore TreasureWars, back to where it should be. Please keep these kind of threads coming! They're more useful than you think. :thumbsup:


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Just to make sure no one thinks we're ignoring the you guys. We've read this thread and will be picking things out from it to improve and restore TreasureWars, back to where it should be. Please keep these kind of threads coming! They're more useful than you think. :thumbsup:
i didnt know staff actually went on forums


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This list has been relayed to both the management team and development team. We hope to see more posts like this one so keep it coming!
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