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Proper list of good pirate players

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1. ErektNReady @MyNameIsCletus69
2. YoungSinatra_ @YoungSinatra_
3. Pigwing @Geneseekiller
4. Ekulunam @Rush248
5. KinkyMicrowave (me :D) @SugerandCoffee
6. Konqureinq @AnthxnyHD

Yes, all our faction. But every other faction, I mean every one, derp and nether pvp's.

I've offered to be 3v1'd at necro, the response I got was "Nah bro you're a puss y come fight us at nether" lol.

Someone said "1v1 me" and I said at necro, or warzone whatever, and he came in class.

Another dude said 1v1 me and then called in his entire faction.

Welcome, to pirate pvp.

Come and insult me for not adding a list of people who only pvp at nether >.< :D


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Oh, nothing special yada yada, I just had to make a proper list because every other list was filled with people who safezone at nether or derp <3
I agree, I have been playing for the past few days and most people are pretty bad but think they are pretty good


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na i disagree with this list. it should

3. erekntready
4. kinkymicroave
54. legolover328


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When you're good you act like you're good. Makes sence. I'm just tired of kids like you. I can have a full rant but I really dont want to waste my time.
You were never really good. You hardly used to pvp. You were the type of person to sit in his base and item his gear all day. And don't even get me started on how your trying to act tough on a minecraft forums. Also when I was on an alt one time you were trying to ask me for "someone's" nudes.( I have screenshots for proof)
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