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    May 18, 2018
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    I have a few questions

    So i have a few questions for staff, or any one that knows the answers.thank you for your respons.
    1)Why are our @brawlators geeting delited for no reason?
    2)Why are we banned for spaming @Brawlator all thow they delite our msges
    3)who delites our msges?
    4)why did my post “new owner” get moved to off topic when it wasnt off topic and it was locked after 2min on forums?
    5)what are they hiding from us with brawlator?
    6)Why did Jodie get banned?
    7)Who actually owns twars now?
    8)Why are they hiding brawlator and billy?
    9)Why dose billy interfere with staff work?
    10)Why is @Brawlator banned on forums when he has “owner” and “discord admin” tags on discord?
    Thank you for your time
  2. CruderTax

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    Jan 26, 2016
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    Answers: Some questions may not be answered.

    1. They were deleted as we do not wish to cause confusion in the community until we have an official reason stating what exactly is occurring here.
    2. No one is banned for spamming @Brawlator
    3. I can't disclose that information.
    4. It was locked and moved as it is not relevant to TreasureWars at this given time and as said above we do not want to cause confusion.
    5. Nothing.
    6. Jodie was punished for causing unnecessary drama.
    7. This information doesn't concern players.
    8. Billy isn't being hidden and as said above for Brawlator, to avoid confusion.
    9. This information doesn't concern players.
    10. If you wish to know the reason for his punishment on the forums please contact him directly.

      Thread moved to community help and locked. If you have any further questions please message me directly on discord (CruderTax#0001) or on the forums.
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