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Event Raid Event: NEW Admin Box & Key-ALL


Community Manager
Greetings Adventurers!

Gear up Adventurers, it’s time for another amazing event! This Saturday, we will be testing your cannoning knowledge with an Admin Box Event. It will be faction vs faction in who can cannon their way to glory and a wealth of loot. Only the luckiest will find the admin box to battle against its defences and prove that your faction is unmatched by any other. As a testament of this crusade, you will be provided with some of the highest quality loot available including Classes, Slot Crystals, Mythic Keys, and a Golden Knife!

What is the event?

The event consists of a 9x9 chunk admin box with each faction allowed only a 4x4 chunk claim around the outer edge of the lucrative box. Factions will then have to compete to blow into the admin box using their most successful and sophisticated cannon, with the first faction to get inside winning the most valuable loot. Please ensure you follow the rules below.


How do I get there?

You will go /wilderness or /wild to find the Admin Box. It will be claimed by the faction, “AdminBox”.


  • 200k Sell Tokens
  • Phantom and Legendary Pet Eggs
  • Clue scroll skips
  • Skill gems
  • Slot Crystals
  • Admin items
  • Class Gems
  • Golden Knife
    ...and much more!

  • All standard rules apply.
  • Only a 4x4 chunk claim per faction.
  • No auto cannons.
  • Only one wall may be broken per shot.
  • No lag cannons.
  • No mid-air cannons.
  • No cegging or sabotaging other factions cannons.
  • All punishments are decided on a case by case basis, if you see anyone breaking these rules please record for evidence and send the video to one of our staff team members.
  • Any attempt to circumvent the rules will not be tolerated and appropriate punishments will be given